Blythe as a Boost to Mental Health

There are times in life when more than a few things don’t run smoothly and we become truly overwhelmed over long periods of time. Many people face mid-life crises where they feel a deep sense of regret about the direction their life has taken. Meanwhile, the stress in work and relationships can lead to feelings of almost permanent anxiety and low self-worth. Combined with COVID-19, it can be even worse.

It is in times like this when doing something completely new and watching it grow and give happiness to others can be totally life-changing. Building a business based around a creative and rewarding pursuit is the perfect way to do this. Finding a new purpose has saved many a marriage and a business that you own and operate as a labor of love has secured the sanity of many a soul.

Blythe as a Boost to Mental Health 1
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Creating a doll business from scratch is just this sort of pursuit because it can be run from your garage. You’re putting your energies into making something really beautiful with real financial rewards along the journey. And if you can do something that brings other people joy, that brings joy to yourself. Giving to others has a wonderful way of freeing you from self-criticism and regret.

Some of the symptoms of clinical depression are feelings of being trapped within yourself, of being trapped in the past with past mistakes, past misfortunes and tragedies, and the world being permanently against you. Cognitive psychologists typically suggest and encourage positive lifestyle changes to counter this through therapy to create a fundamental and lasting shift in focus towards hopes and beliefs of a worthy life ahead. According to research, adult doll play has verified therapeutic benefits.

blythe doll hobby as a boost to mental health
Blythe Doll Hobby As A Boost to Mental Health

When we immerse ourselves in a hobby such as customizing and crafting dolls, we often reach a point called “flow”, whereby our sense of time is lost and we are truly at one with the subject at hand. This change in state is extremely therapeutic and engenders in us a feeling of wellness and pleasure from which the real world of work and relationships is so often so far removed. That’s why Blythe is truly an escape.

Your own business is about planning and dreaming. It’s about being deeply creative and getting ideas flowing and help from friends and a supportive community. All of these mental health benefits can be brought about through Blythe Dolls.

On our website, we have thousands of dolls at different price ranges. We even have a number of free offers to mark our 20th year in business, bringing pleasure and joy to Blythe Doll enthusiasts around the world. Enjoy free worldwide shipping & handling and no customs fees on top of great offers by This Is Blythe.

We offer Nude Dolls that you can design entirely from scratch or start playing out of the box. The majority of our dolls come assembled already – no need to worry about putting pieces together! Or at the other end, we have boutique One-Of-A-Kind Dolls that have been specially crafted by expert designers. And in the middle range, we have popular custom doll products that come as a Full Premium Doll Set and with which you can continue to customize with accessories, shoes, jewelry and all kinds of clothes and styles.

So if you are feeling listless and somewhat lost in life, don’t stay stuck in that state of mind. Try a whole new positive pursuit that allows you to create and sell, and gives you energy and optimism. There are so many possibilities with Blythe Dolls and building your own business brings a huge amount of joy, not just to yourself but to others too.

Blythe as a Boost to Mental Health 2
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Nadene Taylor-Beck
August 11, 2022

I need to win the lottery so I can buy all the Blythe doll stuff I want when ever I want as soon as it drops, I am obsessed, and my 6 Blythe daughters need more sisters.

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