Why Dolls Are So Important to Us

Dolls are as old as human civilization itself. People have created and idolized amazing varieties of dolls in all of the world’s cultures. They have typically symbolized beauty, fertility and magic and have been central to societies as sacred talismans to other worlds as well as protectors in this one.

A Venus Figurine Doll
A Venus Figurine Doll

Creating and displaying dolls is a true form of art, and the making of art is one of the true signs of civilization. One of the oldest objects we have in the world that can be considered a piece of art is a doll. The 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf is the most recognizable of a wide range of Venus figurines that have been unearthed across Eurasia. These dolls were vital to early communities for manifesting fertility and abundance through the universal idea of the all-providing mother god.

dogu doll
A Dogū Figurine

16,000 years ago, far back in the very earliest epoch of Japanese prehistory, people began making intensely mysterious and beautifully intricate figures called Dogu. Thousands of these alien-like dolls have been found across Japan and it is believed they were used in spiritual ceremonies.

Equally mysterious are the strange-looking ‘host’ figurines that were revered by the Aztecs. Made from clay, these dolls were brightly painted and used to protect the spirits of the dead as well as bring new life into the world.

China dolls with their heads made from porcelain became popular in Europe in Victorian times. This trend coincided with the advent of mass production and as such, millions of china dolls were made. They are now real collectors’ items that can fetch high prices as antiques. China dolls are also a useful method for documenting various fashions of the 19th century.

ghana figurine doll
3 Ghana Figurines

Even further back than these, distinctive African dolls with brightly colored beads have played and still play important cultural roles. African dolls are not just toys for young girls but are used ritually as fertility charms for women and are often handed down from mother to daughter. 

Modern action figures and fashion dolls are still hugely popular toys today. Adults and children alike have been captivated by dolls for almost as long as we have existed as humans. Their attraction runs deep and our fascination with dolls will always be a part of our collective culture. 

Blythe Dolls are a unique type of contemporary fashion doll and are more popular among adults than children. Nothing is quite like a Blythe Doll. Their unmistakable proportions, customizable features, strangely spooky eyes and serene countenance have brought them from a cult following to a global phenomenon. Blythes are also widely recognizable in art and fashion circles as an icon in the world of dolls in 2022. 

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