Emma Roberts and her Blythe Dolls

While the celebrity world surrenders to the charms of Barbie and gets – many of them – their very own replicas (Chiara Ferragni, Gigi Hadid or Ashley Graham already have their personalized version of the Mattel doll) Emma Roberts bets on the other most famous doll of the last decades. Maybe you did not know her as a huge doll lover, and you were surprised a little when you see the photo of the actress posing with her new Blythes on Instagram:

Emma Roberts and her Blythe Dolls 1

Round and giant eyes measure somewhat disproportionate, and royalty-free to characterize them to the taste of customers and customizers. Blythe does not have a Ken (duh?!) to whom she feels tied forever or a profession that fits her or a stereotyped look. Therefore, their image and the life they give to these dolls have thousands of different options (actually limitless); they even offer the possibility of changing the color of eyes, eyelids, makeup, body, clothes and accessories – simply from head to toe.

In recent years, these dolls have become a real phenomenon on the Internet with communities and companies created by and for them – to make them all reality for a collector’s item. Even though most people think the last person to join the craze of the Blythe dolls was Emma Roberts, she actually is already a huge doll lover, and she started collecting Blythe in 2015. Check her early-2015 Twitter status below:

Johnny Depp also stated that he plays with Barbies and Blythes to test his movie characters.

Now, that Barbie trembles, there is a new doll with the anticipation of becoming the new queen of Instagram.

Emma Roberts and her Blythe Dolls 2
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