Blythe is the Perfect Pursuit for these Quarantine Days

Long and seemingly endless hours of lockdown require a really addictive hobby to keep your mind occupied and focused. The thought of just any boring old task or past-time won’t get you excited and imaginative and it doesn’t do it for other people either. But Blythe Dolls are a movement with meaning. They are deeply creative and represent a truly practical investment of your time and your energies.

blythe dolls fun things to do during quarantine
Fun Things To Do During Quarantine 2020

Designing and working on Blythe Dolls is the perfect respite from these maddening and somewhat unreal days we are currently living through with COVID-19 creating anxiety and much worse all around. Blythe Dolls as a pursuit provides the perfect sanctuary from all this madness and boredom. In fact, customizing Blythe Dolls can be the most wonderful form of therapy because you’re creating something that you own, that is styled by you and represents you and your particular ideas.

Crafting and modelling these big-eyed and spirited figures are a way to learn some of the most rewarding and creative skills. Once you get working on your doll, you will realize and learn that you can do all kinds of things like create hairstyles, clothes, makeup styles and accessories such as clothes and shoes. And although it might seem intricate work at the beginning, there are loads of tutorials and support to show you how. Like most new challenges, it becomes much easier as you get into it.

You can do all kinds of things with Blythe. You can make her look any way you want. And the best way to start with this, if you don’t have a doll already, is to browse our collection. We have hundreds of types and styles to inspire you.

Fashion is all about you and your ideas, and Blythe was made for you! Do you know and care about fashion? Do you have a great style? Your Blythe Doll is a vehicle for that imagination, expression and creativity. You can even take her out on photo shoots. You can put your amazing ideas and vision into practice with your own doll.

Blythe is not just a way to show off your design skills and your design taste. People get into Blythe Dolls because they are a global movement of almost fanatical creatives who spend endless hours crafting their visions, making their ideas a reality in the cutest and most appealing way.

A Blythe Doll is also the most amazing thing to have around the home. She’s always a talking point and always a focus. Everyone is drawn to the look of a Blythe Doll — they draw you in because they’re so mesmerizing and unique.

Join in the Blythe Doll movement and see what spell-binding creations you can bring to life. Or, if that seems a lot to take on right now, then why not search for a ready-made doll? We have many, so you can find one you like and in years to come she too will have grown in value.

a customer blythe collection
A Blythe Doll Collection of a Customer

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