How to Start a Custom Doll Business

Start your own doll business

Are you interested in knowing how to start a custom doll business? With so much time on your hands during COVID lockdown, there’s no better opportunity to start an enterprising initiative of your own from home. There are only a few side businesses more rewarding than making and selling custom Neo Blythe Dolls.

The start-up costs are low, the margins are big, and the fun is immense. Bear in mind that the final retail price for your doll can be ten times what it costs to craft her — so there is clear profit in the business of customizing and collecting. The key is to treat it as a real business, learn as much as you can, and let your creativity shine.

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Why Blythe as opposed to other dolls?

The simple reason is that Neo Blythe Doll has vastly more options for customizing and accessorizing than other dolls, and we’re always coming up with new ideas and accessories for them. There are literally thousands of customization options and that means millions of variations. So the doll that you create will always be the only one in the world.

The best way to start is by buying a factory Blythe doll from our site. They usually start from $49.99, but right now for a limited time to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have many free offers you can find throughout the site. Take a look here.

Tip: Did you know that This Is Blythe runs the world’s first and only Blythe Doll Builder? You can now build your own Blythe, make your own customizations and makeup after receiving the doll, and resell for a profit!

What You Need

start your own doll business
Start Your Own Doll Business

A website store is essential, as well as a presence on various social media channels. But try to create value through your channels by providing appealing content, not just using social media as a platform for direct sales. For example, share your knowledge and insights through videos and blog posts. Commentate on other people’s content, answer questions and contribute to the wider Blythe Doll community. 

Building a website is easier now than it’s ever been with some amazing web templates on website builders like WordPress. You’ll need a dotcom domain name but that’s inexpensive and reliable web hosting can easily be found for an affordable price.

Update: This Is Blythe has partnered with the best hosting company, BlueHost, to give you a free domain name for your first year! Click here to secure your own free domain name with a purchase of a hosting package to build your website easily! You will also receive a free security certificate upon your purchase. (2020)

In addition, a digital camera would be great to take photos of your new Blythe creations. A middle-range cell phone camera also does a great job these days of taking quality photos. And inspiration is everywhere. 

Of course, it’s best to write a business plan before you begin, because the more you plan out your work as well as the commercial aspects of your business and the regulatory requirements, the more you are going to succeed. Clarity is always enhanced by putting thoughts in writing.

One simple strategy is to search for and learn from other Blythe customizers to see what works and then improve on those ideas where you can.

The Benefits

There’s never been a better time to build an online business from home than now. Technology has put everything within our reach and if you get stuck on a problem, there’s always a solution or a tutorial somewhere on Google or Youtube, or a network you can connect to.

Another good thing about building a doll business is that you don’t need to take out loans or worry about overheads or staff. You just need a small investment in some tools, materials and space for your studio, as well as the time and the motivation to build your dream business.

The market is always growing so you’re really onto a winner with Neo Blythe Doll customizing.

Not only is customizing dolls profitable, but it’s also therapeutic too and free from the stress of typical work. Above all, it gives you freedom.

So good luck in building your Blythe Doll empire. We at This Is Blythe are with you every step of the way. Feel free to check out the latest and best Custom Blythe Dolls – they are one-of-a-kind – there is nothing else like them in the world.

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August 30, 2022

I was totally lost on how to start. Thank you!

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