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This is Blythe is the largest Blythe doll provider in the world. Our company, which first started in 2000 as a Blythe photography book, now offers customers access to over 6,000 Blythe doll products and accessories, clothes & shoes. Our Blythe dolls and website have been featured in some of the world’s leading publications, including Forbes, BBC 2002, BBC 2019 & The Guardian.

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At This is Blythe, we carry most of the Blythe customization tools currently available to customers. We offer one-of-a-kind OOAK custom Blythe dolls that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. We produce our dolls in all sizes, including Petite, Middie, and Neo. Our processing and shipment times are superior to all major competitors.

While Blythe dolls comprise the majority of our business, we offer a range of additional accessories to our customers. Using our site, you can purchase clothes, shoes, eyes, ears, hair, faceplates, stands, supplies and customization tools.

Our team also offers doll combos that help you combine dolls with clothes and/or accessories at an affordable price. We’re firmly committed to providing high-quality services and products to our fellow Blythe doll enthusiasts.

At This is Blythe, we pride ourselves on remaining committed to our core principles of satisfying customers and creating long-term relationships. We’re always seeking to maintain our spot as the No. 1 Blythe doll producer in the world.

A Niche Doll Requires an Expert Producer

Blythe dolls were originally produced in 1972 by Kenner, but their design initially proved unfavorable, and Kenner discontinued them within a year. Our original founder, Gina Garan, fell in love with the dolls many years later. In 2000, she produced a “This is Blythe” photography book that helped reinvigorate this unique doll’s core following.

Blythe dolls aren’t like any other doll on the market. For a doll with such a cult following, there are only a few modern producers available to consumers. As the leading figure in the industry, our clients have access to premium Blythe dolls and accessories that you can’t find anywhere on the market.

At This is Blythe, our passion for Blythe dolls is evident in the care we take throughout the production process. If you want to benefit from the wonders of Blythe dolls, it’s essential to use an expert manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the lack of quality competitors in the market means that many of our clients have had bad experiences with other producers and websites. We often hear complaints that people have either never received dolls they ordered or were overcharged for them. In some cases, some Blythe companies sell used or moldy dolls to unsuspecting customers!

A Commitment to Customization

As the largest provider of Blythe dolls in the world, This is Blythe can provide a wide range of doll customizations and options.

If you have a specific vision or request for your Blythe doll, we’re the premiere company worldwide for custom dolls, so your success is guaranteed.

Are you looking to create your own Blythe doll? Instead of communicating your customization details with our team, you can make custom doll orders directly on our website! Our website offers the very first and only fast Custom Doll Design service in the world.

If you prefer to purchase a ready-to-go custom one-of-a-kind Blythe doll, please visit our Custom Blythe Doll page (updated daily). This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We never replicate or clone our custom Blythes. Once sold, they are gone forever.

Worldwide Services and Shipping

This is Blythe is one of the only Blythe producers that caters to the worldwide market. Our website is translated into multiple languages, and we offer overseas clients multi-lingual customer support.

Best of all, we currently ship to over 185 countries across the globe. We don’t charge our customers for international shipping—the price you see is the price you pay. We offer a range of payment methods, secure checkout services and tools that help you protect your information and payment details while completing transactions on our site.

If you’re looking for a world-class Blythe doll producer that caters to your region, you can access our services from almost anywhere on the map.

Connect with Us

If you’d like to discuss our products or services, make sure to connect with us via our website contact form or live chat portal. We’re happy to provide our customers with all the information they need to decide on the perfect Blythe doll. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, it’s safe to say we’re experts in the Blythe doll niche! Check out our latest Reviews now. Make sure to browse our Blythe articles on our Blog.

In addition to our traditional communication channels, you can connect with us on most major social media platforms. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter. We use social media to post products and release promotions—and we even regularly give away free Blythe dolls to our social media followers!

Our team is on-hand 24/7 to deal with customer sales questions, frequently asked questions and support issues. You can also track your orders here. If you’re looking for the perfect Blythe doll for yourself or a loved one, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at This is Blythe!

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