Blythe Doll Hair

When it comes to making your Blythe doll look different and better than before, hair is one of the top things to be looked at. Now to make this happen, you need to look at two things:

  • Make your own hair by teaching yourself how to do it
  • Get the help of a professional who can help you make the doll look the way you want
blythe doll hair

It is rather easy to make a wig using some yarn. Once you have completed the search for getting the right color and texture of your yarn, roll it around something like a cardboard form to get the length you want to have for your doll.

Once you are done with that, use a device to take off the front portion of the doll and make it separate from the body. Then slowly use a needle to thrust the hair into the holes. Once you are done with that, tie a knot at the end of the hair to make sure it does not get out once it has gone in. Then place the upper portion back onto the head to make it look as good as new.

A far more straightforward method, which reduces all this hassle, is just to go online, look for the best Blythe Doll Hair for your doll and then order it. It not only saves time but also makes compromises any kind of error you might commit because of stitching.

Hair is one of the most sensitive things in a Blythe doll as it can easily be damaged or dirty. If it’s damaged, most individuals recommend that you just order the hair online to avoid any kind of problem or inconvenience that may arise in arranging for a new kind of hair. On the other hand, if they are dirty then what better way of getting it clean than by making it take a nice clean bath with some shampooing. Once that is done, your doll will be as good as new.

Making sure that the Blythe Doll Hair is as clean as possible is another thing that needs to be considered. You can efficiently use shampoo to do that.

This activity is not only fun and exciting but can give children an added incentive to taking a bath! After all, it is not every day you get to have your child easily take one! Both can have their hair shampooed and be clean at the end of the activity, enjoying the experience thoroughly. After the cleaning part is done, a conditioner can be used and the hair can be combed to make them neat and tidy while removing any kind of tangles. Using a blow dryer is a somewhat risky maneuver as the heat can damage the doll.

The hairs are an essential yet sensitive part of the doll. They play a crucial role in the outlook of the Blythe doll by making it look much better (if they are well done) or worse (if they have been ignored). Therefore much care needs to be taken of the hair to make your doll look as pretty as possible.


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