This Is Blythe: In the News

Explore the captivating world of Blythe dolls and the unique offerings of This Is Blythe, as featured in various renowned media outlets. Discover the reasons behind their growing popularity and their appeal to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Forbes: A Growing Collectible Phenomenon

In Forbes, the fascinating history and increasing popularity of Blythe dolls as collectibles are explored, demonstrating their charm and enduring appeal.

BBC: The Hello Blythe! Exhibition

BBC highlights the uniqueness and widespread interest in Blythe dolls through a captivating Hello Blythe! Exhibition, showcasing the variety and creativity that these dolls offer.

Lux Life Magazine: This Is Blythe – Best Online Blythe Doll Retailer

Lux Life Magazine awarded This Is Blythe the title of Best Online Blythe Doll Retailer, recognizing their exceptional range of Blythe dolls and outstanding customer service.

Collectors Weekly: An Interview with Gina Garan

In an interview with Collectors Weekly, Blythe doll collector Gina Garan shares her passion for these enchanting dolls and the reasons behind their appeal to enthusiasts.

Vogue Italia: The Creative World of Blythe Dolls

Vogue Italia discusses the captivating world of Blythe dolls and the endless creative possibilities they offer to collectors and customizers.

AP News: This Is Blythe’s Innovative Services

AP News announces the unique offerings and innovative services of This Is Blythe, providing a one-stop-shop for Blythe doll enthusiasts.

ThomasNet: This Is Blythe Profile

ThomasNet features a profile of This Is Blythe, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing top-quality Blythe dolls and accessories to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

The New Yorker: The Enduring Appeal of Blythe Dolls

The New Yorker delves into the enduring appeal of Blythe dolls as collectibles, discussing their distinctive characteristics and the passion of their collectors.

The Guardian: Blythe Dolls in Popular Culture

In two separate articles, The Guardian and The Guardian explore the appeal of Blythe dolls among adults and their presence in popular culture, featuring singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s love for collecting these captivating dolls.

Salon: The Unique World of Blythe Dolls

Salon discusses the intriguing world of Blythe dolls and their one-of-a-kind charm, setting them apart from other collectible dolls.

Diib: Featured Members – This Is Blythe

Diib highlights This Is Blythe as a featured member, emphasizing their dedication to offering unique and captivating Blythe dolls to a global audience.

Art Daily: Gift Ideas for Artistic Friends

Art Daily features unique and creative gift ideas for artistic individuals, including the captivating Blythe dolls offered by This Is Blythe.

Mom Blog Society: Beyond Barbie – The New Generation of Modern Dolls

Mom Blog Society discusses the evolution of dolls, highlighting Blythe dolls as a new generation of modern collectibles, setting them apart from traditional options like Barbie.

Life with Heidi: 4 Fun Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Child

Life with Heidi explores fun ways for moms to connect with their inner child, including collecting unique and charming Blythe dolls.

EIN Presswire: This Is Blythe Reviews Represent Many Satisfied Customers

EIN Presswire highlights the numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers of This Is Blythe, showcasing their exceptional services and products.

EIN News: This Is Blythe Reviews Showcase Customer Satisfaction in 2023

EIN News emphasizes the high level of customer satisfaction and excitement surrounding This Is Blythe’s offerings in the Blythe doll community.

BBC News: Leicestershire Blythe Doll Collector’s ‘Creepy’ Hobby

BBC News features a Blythe doll collector from Leicestershire, illustrating the widespread interest and dedication of Blythe enthusiasts around the world.

Life Hacks List: Adorable Blythe Dolls for Collectors of All Ages

Life Hacks List showcases the delightful and diverse range of Blythe dolls, appealing to collectors of all ages and backgrounds.

Tanjas Toys Review: This Is Blythe Review

Tanjas Toys Review offers a comprehensive review of This Is Blythe, discussing the variety of Blythe dolls available and the exceptional customer service provided.

Impulse Today: The History of the Original Blythe Doll

Impulse Today delves into the fascinating history of the original Blythe doll, exploring the roots of this unique and captivating collectible.

Blythe Life: Review – This Is Blythe

Blythe Life features a detailed review of This Is Blythe, highlighting their offerings, services, and dedication to Blythe enthusiasts worldwide.

Austin Chronicle: This Is Blythe – Blytheology

Austin Chronicle discusses the Blythe doll phenomenon, showcasing the captivating allure of these unique and charming collectibles.

Broken Dolly TV: This Is Blythe Review by Gypsie

Broken Dolly TV presents a review of This Is Blythe by Gypsie, a dedicated Blythe enthusiast who shares her experience and appreciation for the company and its products.

Wikimedia Commons: Blythe Dolls

Commons Wikimedia features a collection of Blythe doll images, showcasing the endless creativity and charm that these collectibles bring to their fans.

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