Blythe Poem

Believes there is no fear in love
Says that when her legs are black and blue it’s time to take a holiday
Likes to put sugar on her avocados
Looks at life thru news lenses – one blue, one pink
Will hold a buttercup under your chin
Never misses an episode of “Will and Grace”
Wears flowers in her hair
Knows a good moneyshot when she sees it
Knows when to say no
Has a lot of legal issues
Bases her entire existence on the number 3
Will never EVER fall asleep with her makeup on
Believes that when you love someone it’ll be for all time

Blythe is every woman
She’s all you need 

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Thanks to hongse_m for the feature photo.

New Blythe Doll Additions

Happy Summer!! Busy times here in Blytheworld. Let’s get it started!

Over the years, I’ve donated so many Blythe prints to charity events I can’t keep track of them. Giving back is an essential part of my involvement with Blythe, so the more the better!  Last month, I was involved in two auctions, one for an organization called LOVE and one for Art for Change, whose proceeds were split between Haitian earthquake victims and the Future Multimedia Arts Programs at The Ella Baker School in NYC. Both projects were so fulfilling and in the end raised lots of money for well-deserved causes. I got a thrill at the LOVE Auction because Sting and his wife Trudie Styler were in attendance (no way!). When I spotted them, they were ogling one of my prints (eek!). I nearly started to cry! I was stupidly shy and didn’t approach them, but next time, watch out! Full-on attack! (I did at least take this undercover photo on my cell phone!)

The next auction I’m involved in is called All Love, All Woodstock, a benefit party for Constance McMillen and the ACLU. Constance is the Mississippi-based lesbian teenager who made national headlines recently when her high school chose to cancel its prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend. Further, after state courts ordered the school district to reinstate the prom, the parents at Constance’s high school arranged a “secret prom” to be held the same night as the school-sanctioned party. The school prom was only attended by Constance, her girlfriend, and a few learning-disabled students that had been singled out, while the rest of the student body celebrated in an undisclosed location — in other words, the parents and students at Constance’s school went out of their way to keep Constance and other “undesirable” students from the party.


Um ,we can’t have that. Seriously.  So please, if you’re anywhere near Woodstock, NY, and can attend the event, I hope you’ll go. Alongside my print will be some AMAZING auctions — plus, Kate Pierson of the B-52’s, hot new band Cobra Starship, and the legendary Ronnie Spector are scheduled to play. Fun night for all, but more importantly a GREAT cause to support.

On a happy note, I was recently asked to write a bi-monthly column in Haute Doll magazine, my first of which hit the stands a few weeks ago. I have always LOVED Haute Doll and am tickled to be part of their family! If there’s anything you wanna hear about, please let me know and I’d be happy to consider it for one of my upcoming columns.


The folks at Simplicity patterns are about to announce a line of Blythe-sized clothing patterns, so I was asked to shoot some of my girls wearing them!  They’re really cute designs and, from what I’ve been told, they’re quite easy to work with. I of course can’t sew a loose button, so the notion of making my own frocks is alien to me.  But for the craftier peeps out there, I’m excited to see what you can do!


For a little retail therapy, my shop has had some amazing additions lately, including Jiajia doll’s gorgeous knits, Dot-Z’s colorful dresses, Princess Sara’s beautiful handmade shoes, and a new girl, Kiss Me True! Pop by when you have a minute.  You’ll be glad you did!














I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far.  Please keep in touch! Thanks to kathringiertz for feature photo.

Blythe Dolls & Celebrities

blythe con 2009

Happy, happy spring!!  I’m so happy to finally stow my parka in storage!

I’ve got some pretty great news to start things off.  On October 17th get ready for the very first BlytheCon!!  It’s being held in Atlanta, GA at the Youngblood Gallery and Boutique.  Linda, Kristen, Jessica and Megumi have been working tirelessly to pull this off and from what I can see, it’s gonna be fabulous!!  I will be attending accompanied by TIB’s famed Megan/Minklet, Minister of On-line Conflict Resolution (and so much more!).


blythe jenickThe Manna Energy Dress Drive is going gangbusters!!  I’m expecting to get close to 300 dresses once I reach the April 15th deadline.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this amazing event!!   If you’d like to read about it, you can do so

here.  To see the dresses that have come in so far, check out the Manna dress page in my TIB Shop.  The dresses will be sold sometime before the end of April (date TBD).  PLEASE c’mon by and pick a few up.  It’s for such a wonderful cause!!  to read more about Manna Energy, stop by their website here.

Manna dresses left to right:  Millie and Jill, Jenink, and carousel.girl.
blythe millie
Speaking of gangbusters….my Blythe/Target/McQueen ads are out in full-force right now.  Billboards (including a few that are SIX STORIES HIGH) are all over NYC.  Here are just a few:

blythe carrie

What fun it’s been to see Blythe peeping down at me from different spots around the city.  We attended the kick-off party last month and were treated to a fantastic show by The Duke Spirit.  We had a chance to go backstage to say hello to the band as well as some of the celebs who swung by.  It was definitely a fun night.




Blythe and The Duke Spiritblythe duke spirit







Michelle Trachtenberg

Sassy Michelle Trachtenberg

Amanda Bynes

Even sassier Amanda Bynes!









Speaking of celebs, I had a very exciting encounter last month that I have to share with you.  When I was a kid I was absolutely head over heels with the ENTIRE Osmond family.  Even the non-singing brothers.  My favorite of all wasn’t Donny or little Jimmy, it was Marie.  I loved her fierce hairdos, the insane outfits she wore and those mile long false eyelashes.  She was PERFECTION.  Who would ever have guessed that decades later she and I would end up in similar circles?  She designs her own line of dolls for QVC — and though they’re quite different than the dolly genre I dabble in, I really do appreciate their beauty.  I met her (and Donny) backstage at their very fabulous Vegas show and got a chance to talk dolls with her (among other things).  They’re both super sweet and the show is incredible!!  If you’re anywhere near Vegas be sure to pop in as it’s a total treat!  And by the way, Marie’s hair, outfits and lashes do not disappoint!  It’s all better than ever!

Thanks!!  Happy spring to all!!

blythe outdoor billboardblythe on billboard

Thanks to antiquewolf for the feature photo!

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