The Beauty and Value of a Custom Doll

Shoppers looking for a Blythe Doll have, until now, few real options. First of all, you can simply purchase a factory doll and following this, you can buy every item you need for her separately. Alternatively, many people choose to craft and customize their factory dolls themselves. The real benefit of this is that it gives you complete freedom with your Blythe. Freedom to make her look exactly the way you want her to. But the problem with this route is the time it takes. There’s a lot to be learned in working on Blythe Dolls, and while it is immensely rewarding, not everyone has the time or the eye for design and the creative skills to make the dream a reality. 

Secondly, many go for an OOAK Custom Blythe or “One Of A Kind Blythe” doll. Our team has designed this fully crafted and highly stylized Blythe from scratch to be completely unique. We have over a hundred of these special dolls on our site, many of which are fictionally or fantasy stylized as if they were straight out of an anime film or a movie.

OOAKs are highly individualized and creative concept dolls, especially popular with pro collectors and artists. They come with all kinds of clothes, accessories, makeup and looks, and the thought and effort that has gone into these amazing Blythes are truly awesome. 

There is another very popular option, especially for newcomers, called a Premium Custom Blythe Doll. These are also hand-crafted dolls that come in a ready-made package of premium quality clothes and accessories such as clothes and shoes. They are semi-customized and in a good price range for newbies. As perfect starting dolls, they also make ideal gifts, particularly for people unfamiliar with the whole world of Blythe!

Premium Custom Dolls allow you to avoid the daunting task of building her entire wardrobe and appearance from scratch.  At the same time, they allow first-time buyers to avoid the larger financial commitment of an haute couture One-Of-A-Kind.

Take a look at our middle range of Premium Custom Blythes. They are the best deal on the site. They look just as good as OOAKs and provide an easy option when you’re unsure what to choose. They are obviously a lot more eye-catching than a simple factory doll, and Premium Custom Dolls save you a lot of work in purchasing, designing and making her garments. 

There’s also a truly enormous range of mood types. We have hundreds to choose from pouty faces to cute, from serene looks to moody, alongside a vast array of wonderful hairstyles, dresses and shoes.

With a Premium Custom Doll, you don’t have to buy anything extra. It all comes with the set just like it does with a Barbie. That’s why customers love these Blythes. They’re an all-in-one package at a cheap price, and you can still continue to customize them yourself.

If you are new to Blythe, take a journey into the world of Premium Custom Blythe Dolls now!

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August 11, 2022

would love one of my own!!

August 14, 2022

Would love this for my granddaughter.

August 15, 2022

Ideally I would like to get my hands on a premium custom Blythe doll and in the future customize a doll myself. It makes me so excited thinking about working on these adorable dolls and creating a one of a kind.

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