Blythe Dolls as Investments for the Future

The uniqueness of a Blythe is not just in her placid yet penetrating gaze. Blythe Dolls are painstakingly designed and as such, they are objects of art in their own right. That’s why Blythe Dolls are so collectible and sought after: no two customized dolls are the same. Over time, this originality has allowed Blythes to reach huge valuations on the market.

This growth in value will only continue through the 21st century and beyond as Blythes become increasingly popular in all countries. We sell dolls every day in places as far-flung as Italy and Ecuador, Sweden and the United States, Germany and Australia, Hong Kong and Canada, France and Peru, United Kindom and Costa Rica, and the trend is not slowing.

Blythe Dolls were envisioned in the United States, but it was actually the Japanese who really brought them back to life again in the 1990s with the help of American television producer, Gina Garan. Today, original dolls from the 1970s can fetch serious prices. But do not worry that these early antecedents are too hard to acquire or out of reach for those without a small fortune lying around. Any modern manufactured Blythe Doll can be customized, either by us or by you and in the space of a decade or less can triple in value to be worth several thousand dollars.

Take a look at our dolls for example. A nude Blythe Doll, on average, is typically $99.99 while a fully modified One-of-A-Kind (OOAK) Custom Blythe Doll ranges from $599.99 and above. You can create this value by customizing a doll yourself. Or you can buy an OOAK Doll and let it appreciate as demand worldwide continues to grow and grow. Blythe Dolls were once a niche and almost cult-like community and the collectors who bought them, have seen the growth for themselves. So it’s smart to buy a doll now before they really explode into the mainstream.

Buying a Blythe for the future also makes her an heirloom. A beautiful and carefully customized Blythe Doll is something to keep in the family and cherish as well as to give as gifts. The more Blythes you craft, the more wide-ranging and creative your skills become as your collection and community grow organically and exponentially.

There are many benefits to collecting. Investments are not just about the monetary value they build. Investing should also be about ideas and projects that are meaningful and personal. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, traditional forms of investing have suddenly revealed how unstable and uncertain they can be. In these difficult times, people are wise to look to alternative vehicles such as collectibles, not just as hobbies and for hours of, but as both practical and creative assets that will rapidly appreciate as the market grows.

If this sounds ideal for you, go ahead and have a browse through our big collection of Blythe Dolls, and see what great value your choice can become.

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