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“You have what no one else has — you. 

Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. 

So write, draw, build, play, dance, live the way only you can.”

~ Neil Gaiman

Originality is a unique form of human expression that emphasizes the exclusivity, harmony, naturalness and ease of our actions. Each of us is an individual, but unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to follow their expressions of originality. The reality of modern life means we are continually constrained by the framework of certain standards. 

However, you can allow yourself to be unique by exercising your creative nature. You just need to discover the world of This is Blythe!

The desire to try something new and unexpected will directly affect and improve your self-image. Your new hobby and your adorable girlfriend, Blythe, will help you on your journey.

Together with your doll, you become both an actor and a director of many incredible stories, living out scenarios that are not always possible in real life.

Let’s say you’re not very sporty and you don’t know how to ride a skateboard. Blythe will master this skill with ease. You just have to choose a suitable outfit, get a cool skateboard, go out to the park and enjoy the reaction of others and soak up the positive emotions, interest and admiration.

These are just a few of the spectacular outcomes that await you.  

Just imagine how the long blond curls of your skater doll flow in the wind, for which even a stylish red headband is not a hindrance. Her amazingly large turquoise eyes with a mischievous sparkle play on her pretty face and a smile never leave her plump peach lips.

Yes, this little girl loves to be in everyone’s sight. But even more so, she loves to ride her fabulous skateboard. Who knows, maybe she will get you addicted to this hobby. Or maybe you will just stay in her gang and let her become a wonderful catalyst for your creativity. You will be amazed at the skills you can develop by having a Blythe doll.

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Sports are hugely popular across the world. This too is reflected in our This is Blythe dolls: footballers, tennis players, volleyball fanatics, gymnasts and other sports girls are on show in our store. You can choose the sport you like and let your imagination run wild because our ball-jointed dolls can take almost any posture.

Blythe will remind you that sports are useful, beautiful, and simply enjoyable. Welcome to the team!

You will be amazed at how flexible they are. Blythe’s body parts and ball joints match those of the human body and are connected by elastic rubber cords inside. 

Our dolls have earned the love of many collectors due to the fact that they can be very individual and they open up unlimited space for the creativity of their owners.

In addition, owners of This Is Blythe doll, can alter her image simply by changing her wardrobe. We also suggest independently styling a unique look for your girl. Choose the doll you like, choose from four shades of eye color, choose the color of her eyelids, choose tones and even select drawings hand-painted by our One Of A Kind (OOAK) craft masters, to come up with completely individualized results. You can also choose make-up, hairstyles, and of course dress up the doll in stylish clothes, nice shoes and quality accessories.

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What if sport, despite being fun and popular, is still not for you? How about the elegant contrast of energetic dancing and peaceful yoga? On weekend mornings you love to be alone and meditate. You can also sing along with Blythe. With Blythe as a companion, you will find a friend who is ready to support your hobby and help you in seeking the balance of body and soul through mantras.

Sitting at home on a cozy rug or on the warm sand by the seashore, you can enjoy the silence and the serene music of your thoughts. Your doll will not distract you. In fact, she will tune in to your spiritual harmony.

You can dress her just like you do when you ride your beloved graphite microfiber bike, sporting an elongated light cotton T-shirt, tying your silky and soft hair in an easy ponytail. Or you can follow our recommendations and choose the right set of clothes for your introduction to yoga. Be in the stream with This is Blythe!

The most important thing about a Blythe doll is that it will look the way the owner wants it to, and not just the way the originator intended. Our Blythe can really be the-one-and-only because you can create a truly individual image for her.

Just imagine: you are the only person in the world with a doll like yours!

And where does the only person in the world go with such an original doll? That’s right, dancing, to recharge your batteries, to give and receive positive energy in your dance classes and to communicate with like-minded people.

Have you heard of Zumba? This kind of dance was made for those who want to enjoy every day while dancing! It is a combination of a little fitness magic, Latin American rhythms and a hip-hop base. This heady cocktail will cheer anyone up, which is why Zumba is so popular all over the planet. No matter where you dance, in the hall, on the beach or at home with an online trainer, the feeling will come over you you like a tsunami. Waiting for you are, at the very least, in good spirits and an excellent mood, while there is no upward limit. It’s up to you because there is no bar, only your desire. And to help you, so that you have more confidence and joy from Zumba classes, we suggest choosing a baby Blythe for yourself from the sports collection. You will be amazed by her determination and readiness to learn new things because with such a vivid model the chances of success in mastering dance routines increase a hundredfold.

Snow-white fabric sneakers, flirty acid-pink leggings, a blue mini dress with shoulder straps emblazoned with “I love to dance”, this outfit is fully charged with dance power.

A burning brunette with the ability to change the color of her eyes to match your mood or a bright brown-haired woman with a beautiful shock of hair. Experiment and show your imagination and originality. Our dolls are dressed in amazing outfits and packed in high-quality boxes that can be used to store them. Many adult collectors also acquire these dolls.

Perhaps you are closer to a sophisticated, melancholic image with mesmerizing eyes that keep secret and delicate features with an almost imperceptible yet pleasant smile? This Blythe girl will be happy to accompany you in learning the basics of modern dance. The contemporary style is very popular now, so open up to something new!

Another big secret of ours is the confidence you get from connecting with the incredible energy of the doll. The OOAK master, who has spent many long hours working on the doll, in moments of inspiration thinks about the good and the joyful. The result is not just a toy charged with positive emotions, but a doll with a soul that will give you happiness.

Our philosophy is that through our This is Blythe dolls, every customer can play out any role they want. The choice is always there and it is yours, because life is beautiful, interesting and stunning, and it seems to us that we should correspond to this way of life. Be yourself, don’t be afraid to surprise and to be surprised. 

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