Celebrate Diversity and Explore the Universe of This is Blythe

We have some great news for you. The time for travel has come! The tempting and exciting allure of bright foreign shores is here, and calm and peaceful retreats across the world beckon weary visitors. This time, it does not matter at all which season it is, and even if some countries are still keeping tourists away, many of us are ready to travel.

We love to discover original and unusual places, meet new and interesting people, study other cultures, customs and taste different dishes from around the world. But how do we achieve these amazing things if there is nowhere for us to go on our long-awaited journey?

You already know the answer!  With This Is Blythe life can be so simple. Our secret ingredient is that our custom dolls are:

“Made with love, for the ones we love.”

We love this cute slogan. It means that, for us, each customer is an individual, just like his or her This Is Blythe doll, with its original characteristics that are just right for you. Wherever you are, no matter what language you speak, no matter your style and personality, your unique copy is already waiting for you in our store

Celebrate Diversity and Explore the Universe of This is Blythe 1

Let’s get to know each other better

Lydia - Custom Blythe Doll One-Of-A-Kind OOAK Custom Blythe Doll ⭐

Have you ever been to Russia? Yes, it is in this country, according to the rumors, that big club-footed bears walk the streets, and men, women, and children are dressed head to toe in bearskin pelts, even bearskin sandals, and boots. Can you imagine dressing like this? 

Just kidding! Here we present to you our genuine Russian beauty dolls:

These two girls are best buddies. One has long blonde thick hair to the waist and the other has wavy fiery red hair to the heels. Both can be braided into a traditional style, completing the look with a scarlet satin ribbon. Or we can leave it loose, but decorate it with a hoop of shiny iridescent stones.

They have a light skin tone, languid fluffy eyelashes, charmingly blinking eyes that can change the tone, flirty freckles, and a mischievous blush. Our Russian beauties are looking for friends!

Freya – Custom Blythe Doll One-Of-A-Kind OOAK

They also have a beautiful collection of outfits, suitable for the flavor of the northern people. Depending on the weather, you can dress your Blythe doll in a fur coat with a trim or a sheepskin leather coat, not forgetting a pair of classic and comfortable Ugg boots. A chic addition is a warm fur hat. Winters in this country are cold and snowy.

True, there is also summer in Russia, so if you are a fan of hot days and white nights, you only need to acquire a fashionable summertime outfit! Try delicate pastel shades in flying, light dresses with nylon lace socks and cute sandals. Your doll is charm itself, ready to keep you company.

Japan is such a mysterious and interesting country. On the one hand, it has a deep and ancient history, while at the same time it is a modern society with highly advanced technology. 

japanese custom ooak blythe doll

Do you like Japanese anime? Our One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) masters have a surprise for you. With bold facial features and colorful hair, our This is Blythe Japanese doll is as much an anime fan as you are. Together you can travel through a fascinating cartoon galaxy with different heroes with exciting storylines with which to choose and play your favorite characters.

Want some Japanese classics? Great, we have an idea! Together with This is Blythe, let’s try on a real kimono, highlighting only the shoulders and waist because the Japanese ideal of beauty is to conceal what is hidden inside.

Bright colors, unusual patterns, and fabrics that are pleasant to the touch are always appreciated. We will add even more romanticism and the spirit of the past to our image by twisting the curls into a bun. Let’s not forget some important details: accessories, without which traditional Japanese hairstyles, as well as everyday ones, are impossible to do. Let’s pay attention to combs with decorations, vibrant flowers, and colorful ribbons, or place bamboo sticks in beautifully styled hair. Perfect. Now we are ready to go and rest assured that the mysterious sophistication of the Japanese style will not go unnoticed by the admiring eyes of passers-by.

Our adorable This is Blythe dolls have amazing quality and a wide range of colored hair, their beauty eye chips are simply unearthly alongside gorgeous long thick eyelashes and a wonderful outfit for any season. Yes, we do admire them! 

Join us, because Blythe unites people all over the world!

Danielle – Custom Blythe Doll One-Of-A-Kind OOAK

Yet, summer is brief. Let’s not waste another minute, and go to a heavenly place: Hawaii!

Welcome to a world of warm, sunny weather, cool ocean breezes, and fabulous Hawaiian culture. You will learn to dance the sexy hula and master a new hobby: paddle surfing on Kailua Beach, where you can get closer to the treasures of the sea.

We take our bottles of sunscreen and go straight on to new adventures. Take our Paradise Girl This is Blythe into your company. We promise that she will give you a tropical summer breeze and the fiery rhythms of island music. Put on a patterned orange one-shoulder top and short shorts in cool white denim. The bronze tan looks beautiful on the perfect legs of this smiling and bright babe. Try on gold hoop earrings with white shell beads on each side. Don’t forget sunglasses, and you’re ready for a fun day in Hawaii!

Every one of our This is Blythe dolls is special, reflecting the culture, style, character, and mood of her design. Pick the one that is closest to you in spirit. Make friends and have fun together.

Get to know the vast universe of This is Blythe!

Find your own one-of-a-kind OOAK Blythe Doll or a special custom Blythe doll now.

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