Who Created Blythe Dolls?

The very first original Blythe doll was created by designer Allison Katzman in 1972. Back then, Blythes were only sold by the toy company called Kenner LLC. However, her oversized head and eyes that changed colors with the use of a pull string did not go over well with children, and the four original dolls were only sold for a year. 

Allison Katzman did design the Blythe doll to compete with Barbie!

But when her doll rolled out in 1972, Blythe failed to unseat the high princess of plastic and more or less landed on the Island of Misfit Toys. “She was a good doll,” Mrs. Katzman once told the Chicago Sun-Times. “The world just didn’t know it.” Click here to read more.

Who Created Blythe Dolls? 1
Allison Katzman designed the Blythe doll to compete with Barbie.

In 1997, a NY, United States based photographer Gina Garan received an original Kenner Blythe as a gift and began using the doll to practice her photography skills. After taking thousands of photos of the doll, Garan’s work was spotted by a toy producer in New York. Together, they realized that this eccentric doll would be popular in Japan and started to seek out the right to reproduce Blythe Dolls again.

Where are Blythe Dolls Made?

In 2000, the toy company decided to produce a TV commercial featuring a new and improved Blythe doll for a department store called Parco. These newly improved dolls became an enormous hit in Japan and surrounding areas and more than 1000 dolls were produced to meet customer demand. The United States company, Ashton Drake Gallery, also began producing dolls for the United States market, however, they were not as favored as their Japanese counterparts. While Takara’s Neo Blythes were based loosely on the 1972 originals, Ashton Drake attempted to produce exact replicas.

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