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Neo Blythe Joanna Gentiana StandingA newly introduced genre in the world dolls and doll collection is reborn dolls, a growing portion of Blythe doll art. Although the name may give a mystic or spiritual aura, reborn dolls are called reborn because of the way they are made. These dolls are what you may refer to as highly realistic. They are made of vinyl. They start off their life as all normal dolls, but along the road they are taken apart, piece by piece and then reassembled again. This is why the word ‘reborn’ has been specifically used for such kind of dolls. These dolls are made after hours of hard work combined with amazing skill. Therefore, these dolls are well sought by a number of different people.

Patience and hard labor are put in order to make these dolls, to make them a part of Blythe doll art. Details and specifications are taken highly into account so that these dolls are made to look as much lifelike as is possible.

The results are rewarding for the workers because if you look at these dolls there will be no doubt about the beauty of the piece at your hand. These works of art are not just toys for children to play with. They are the elegant pieces carefully made to appease the aesthetic sense of the man. Rebirth is exact and calculated. Each step is undertaken with great care so that the artist who is working on the doll starts out with a normal doll to slowly create a highly resembling newborn baby doll.

The first step in the process of rebirth is stripping the doll of all the factory paint and hair. All traces of paint and glue are removed from the doll and the doll is bathed and carefully dried.

After this has been done, the hair is taken off from the doll. In order to give the doll a firm base for hair as well as making it look good, the hair is sealed from the inside. After that is done, the skin is painted from the inside to make the doll look more realistic.

After the last process the doll is now ready for the artist who hand roots its hair, usually, Angora Kid is used. To make the doll realistic, hair is sealed from the inside, this allows for styling the hair of which it is then hand-dyed to a particular color. The next stage is for the doll to be painted from the inside by in order to give it a natural looking skin tone.
Once the paint has dried off, oil paint is used to highlight natural looking skin creases. This adds a notion of more realism to the doll. Eyebrows and lips are painted as well.
At the end, the nose of the doll is opened to show a hole in the nose from which the life-like doll can breathe. The nose opening is carefully highlighted with black felt and then the doll’s toes and fingernails are painted.

Now the doll has been made. Sometimes the artist adds some weight to the doll to make it even more realistic. All the limbs of the doll are glued together. Once that has been done, the artist carefully paints the veins and the ears. With these carefully calculated steps, such a doll is made.

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