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blythe doll eyes chipEyes are the gates of a person’s personality. They show what is actually inside someone without letting him/her say anything. When it comes to Blythe doll eyes, the case is no different than those of a human being. They are given a lot of importance because they hold not only the doll’s unique features, but they promise the notion that this is no ordinary doll. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Blythe.

Without any doubt, the best feature in the Blythe dolls is Blythe doll eyes. Big huge glowing ornaments, so delicately and intricately placed to give the look of innocence and beauty. But that is not all. There is a string attached to the back of the head and if you pull it the eyes actually close! And then you can open them again. Thus you can manage to make her blink and thus make her more lifelike! Furthermore, the eyes actually change color and the iris can actually shift to another place. The doll has four different colors and positions which give it an amazing look.

But that is not all that can be done. Different accessories are easily available that can give the doll a completely new look. We have the sunglasses that are available in a large number of shades. The makeup for the eyes is also available, to add more color to the blinking feature of the dolls. There are the earrings too, which make the doll not only more life-like but also add color to the overall notion that this is no doll, this is Blythe!

Take the Blythe doll sunglasses as an example. When the doll wears them she looks more stylish and gorgeous. They give a trendy look and will definitely turn over the eyes of other Blythe dolls! The glasses go with different kinds of dresses as well as a nice handbag or even a mailbag. Glasses are available in a number of different colors that can easily be ordered online. These different colors go with different kind of dresses and add spice to the flavor of the gorgeousness of the doll.
As the Blythe doll has the ‘wink’ feature, wink makeup is also easily available.

Different kinds of colors will add to the dressing of the doll and make her look unique. Moreover, it is a chance for you to let out your creativity and use a number of different colors to make your doll look the perfect look. And when you are done with that, make the doll blink to give her a lifelike look. A rather hot one I might add!

Furthermore, you also have the doll earrings. Available in different sizes and shapes, they give the doll a trendy look. They go with a wide variety of dresses and handbags. Some people even like to make sure that the shoes they buy must go with the earrings in a manner that both of them complete each other!

There are a large number of accessories present that will enhance the image of the doll. These accessories go easily with other dresses, shoes, sandals and other accessories as well. Furthermore, these accessories are not that hard to find due to the internet. So my advice to you is going online and get your hands on a few things as soon as possible. Once you are done with that and then let your imagination run wild. After all, it is not an ordinary doll you have in your hand, it’s Blythe!

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