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Every day, new customers come to us complaining that the Blythes they bought from other websites and shops smell bad and are made from cheap plastic. Since our Blythes are made with real original parts using our custom patented limbs and joints, our dolls and other products do not have unpleasant odors. They do not smell of plastic or chemicals.

Our high-quality doll hair is not dirty or faded unlikely other doll hair wigs online. When buying from us, you are also buying a quality handmade fiber hair wig that will last a lifetime. This Is Blythe loves to contribute and give back to society and the community frequently. We work on your dolls, designs, and new additions for hours and days, there is simply no shortcut in our company. We love crafting dolls that you will like!

neo blythe doll custom
A Custom Blythe Doll with Clothes and Shoes

Are you looking for specific information on our site? We got you covered. Our sales representatives will help you by using chat 24/7. We are always available and will help you find the right information or advice. No English? No problem! You have the option to use your native language on our language change page on our site. You can also use our search bar with simple words or keywords to search for a product. We also provide free unlimited assistance with buying your custom Blythe doll – please simply start by asking your question. Please don’t hesitate to direct your questions to us to find the right product. If you are not sure if a product is available or you need a custom solution, you may use our chat line anytime.

Customers also tell us that some companies did not ship their dolls at all. We also received complaints that there were hidden fees, high customs charges, and taxes, as well as difficulty receiving their packages. We always receive compliments on how we are the fastest and most responsive doll company compared to other Blythe shops. In fact, a lot of doll customizers and competitors buy and resell from us using our text and photos while making us the busiest doll maker. You’ve made the right decision by visiting us and shopping Blythes with us. Thank you for your support and loyalty.

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August 24, 2022

thisisblythe is definitely where I will get my first blythe doll!

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