Where Are Blythe Dolls Made?

In 2000, the toy company decided to produce a TV commercial featuring a new and improved Blythe doll for a department store called Parco. These newly improved dolls became an enormous hit in Japan and surrounding areas and more than 1000 dolls were produced to meet customer demand. The United States company, Ashton Drake Gallery, also began producing dolls for the United States market, however, they were not as favored as their Japanese counterparts. While Takara’s Neo Blythes were based loosely on the 1972 originals, Ashton Drake attempted to produce exact replicas.

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Nowadays, This Is Blythe proudly provides every single kind of Blythe doll product and service to all customers and people around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and the UAE. Our Collectible Premium Custom Neo Blythes, which were redeveloped in 2021, are much more admired and their prices can range from around $50 to $250 (United States Dollars) for limited edition premium releases.

If you are trying to learn where Blythe dolls are made, it’s quite sophisticated! We order parts from Japan, manufacture custom limbs in Korea, and assemble your brand new dolls in Singapore or HK. We craft all of our dolls from scratch with brand new parts, wait for a few days for makeup and parts to settle, inspect and test after health and safety check procedures. Then, we ship these gorgeous dolls to your doorstep with a trackable and insured free shipping method. Buy your 2021 Premium Blythe Doll now. 

Are There Any Blythe Accessories?

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There’s an entire world of Blythe products, extras and additions: hands, hair, clothes, shoes, purses, hats, jewelry, socks and even more. Take a look here

Are you looking for the best possible Blythe doll accessoriesThisIsBlythe.com is the best home to a lot of hand-made, and Neo Blythe doll accessory products and fashion items. No matter where you are in the world, we will help you find your own unique and affordable Blythe doll accessory products and ship them to your doorstep at no extra cost. Your search stops here if you are looking for custom Blythe doll accessories, brand new handmade Blythe custom accessories, Blythe doll custom accessories, custom Blythe accessories for sale, and more.

If you are searching or browsing for a variety of Neo Blythe doll accessories and fashion products, we have got awesome news for you. You’re in the right place for Blythe doll’s accessories and fashion upgrades. We have tens of well-made, cute and colorful accessory products and items in our Blythe accessories product categories.

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