What is the Story of Blythe Dolls?

kenner blythe doll ad
Kenner Blythe Doll Ad 1972

Information: The first Blythe Doll was created by Allison Katzman in 1972. 

Blythes were then produced by the toy firm, Kenner LLC, but gained little popularity among children and production was stopped after just one year. As a result, the dolls made during this early spell gained a cult following and now sell for thousands of dollars.

Gina Garan, a photographer and producer from New York, is central to the revival of Blythe Dolls. In the late 90s, she popularized the dolls globally, particularly in Japan, after publishing the book This Is Blythe, along with later works, Blythe StyleHello Blythe! and Susie Says. These showcased her dolls in a range of fashion shots with exotic and artistic backdrops.

Today, This Is Blythe Dolls have a huge following and like worldwide in 2021. Whether you want to share your ideas and creations with an ever-growing community of collectors and people, or you want to develop your photography through your unique ideas and designs, Blythe Dolls make the perfect models and muses, as well as wonderful gifts for family and friends that everyone will like.

What Are the Dolls with Big Eyes Called?

“Big Eyes”: The Reincarnation of the Blythe Doll. Today, it is thought that the Kenner Toy Company LLC introduced a unique doll design called Blythe in 1972 after being inspired by the “big eyes” trend in the silk-faced decorative dolls from Japan.

What Does Blythe Mean?

The word name “Blythe” or “Blithe” means carefree or nonchalant. The word Blithe alternatively means happy and joyful. Blithe is an energetic, modern and contemporary word that a lot of people think of with Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit — a fun, lively, elaborate little play. The spelling of the word “Blythe” or “Blithe” actually combines all those good vibes into an elegant English surname. Blithe is an uncommon yet stylish name and word to contribute to the dictionary.

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