What is a Factory Blythe doll?

They are Blythe dolls that are made with real original doll parts combined with custom limbs which makes them real Blythes that are made with real Blythe parts. Factory Blythes are not recast ball-jointed dolls or fake clones.

Avoid using other retailer sites including Amazon, eBay and unknown sites for buying your Blythe dolls as they are highly likely to have unpleasant odour, low-quality and recycled parts.

What are advantages of Factory Blythe Dolls?

  • • Hair usually has soft feeling, quality thick fiber, and appealing colors
  • • A wide varity of hair options
  • • Plenty of options for haircut and hair shape
  • • Eyes are lovely shade of different colors and have pupils of different sizes
  • • Possible to find matte face rather than being stuck with just shiny face
  • • Facepaint is flawless
  • • Some factory dolls now come with eyebrow
  • • Body is sturdy, not a toothpick body or cracking at the seams like some other clone dolls
  • • They can wear a surprisingly wide range of clothes and outfits
  • • Perfect and affordable for learning to mod and customize to your liking
  • • Great for children to start learning how to build a Blythe doll
  • • They also make affordable and high-quality gifts!

Where can I find Factory Blythes?

Browse our nude Blythes section where you can find many Factory Neo Blythe Dolls.

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