What Is A Blythe Doll?

Why are Blythe Dolls so popular?

What Is A Blythe Doll? 1

From the legacy of Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids comes a new era of dolls, Blythe dolls. Like Barbie, the most popular Neo Blythe dolls are fashion dolls that stand 12 inches or 30 cm tall with an oversized head and eyes that change color by a pull of a string. They can come with moveable body parts such as extra gesture hands for an additional charge. The unique charm and appeal of these dolls stem from the adorable characters that they portray. The surprise of what you receive makes for an exciting reception. On the rare occasion that the particular style of the doll is not to your taste, you can also customize clothing to suit your taste. The eyes can be changed to match a specific outfit or personality. A cord coming out of the back of the head will close the eyes and change them to another color. The direction of the eyes also changes in the process. You will be able to buy additional outfits and, with some research, find patterns to sew your own clothing. These dolls are art that ties at the heartstrings. Sentimental doll enthusiasts will complete their collection with these dolls and retain enjoyment for years to come.  

How Tall Is A Blythe Doll? What Sizes Does The Blythe Doll Come In?

There are 3 types of Blythe dolls for sale: Neo, Middie, and Petite. Neo Blythe is 12 inches or 30 cm tall, Middie Blythe is 8 inches or 20 cm tall, and Petite Blythe is 4 inches or 10 cm tall.  

When Were Blythe Dolls Created and Who Designed Blythe Doll?

Blythe dolls were originally created in 1972 by Allison Katzman and produced by Kenner but were not well received as children’s toys. This model was only produced for one year. Later Gina Garan used a Blythe doll as the subject in many photographs and published a book called Blythe Style, which showed her Blythe doll as the model for her fashions.

What Are Some Features Of Blythe Dolls?

These dolls are great as collector’s items and make an excellent toy for children and adults alike. Their gigantic head, eyes and shiny skin set these dolls apart from other dolls, though they are also available with less glossy matte faces also. If you prefer a matte finish, a matt sealant can be sprayed on. The hair is put into the scalp piece of the doll and is available in a variety of colors. Legs are made out of thick rubber that makes them bendable. Arms and the upper body are made of harder plastic and are not as flexible unless you upgrade to the jointed body option. They will have a set of eye chips, hairstyle, and stand. Regular Neo Blythe dolls are great if you plan to do a lot of modifications to change the stock look or if you want to purchase your own accessories and clothes for them.

How To Customize A Blythe Doll?

Modifications can be made to the dolls to change the look of the eyes or to changing their gaze to appear higher. Purchasing regular factory Neo Blythe dolls are preferred for those planning to modify the dolls. This way it does not take away from the collector’s resale value and reduces some of the stress for those who are new to doll modification. Below is a list of some of the modifications that people have done: Advanced Customization

  • Sanding, removing the glossy outer coat of face and makeup, repainting
  • Purchasing other eye chips
  • Adding an additional pull cord so that one closes the eyes (called a sleeping pull cord) and the other changes them – this could keep the eyes closed for a sleeping doll
  • Carving using dremels to change the shape of the face and lips or using sculpey to change the esthetic of the face
  • Rerooting Blythe’s hair

There are times when Blythe customization can get complicated. Don’t have time to customize one? Visit our Custom Blythe Doll section to browse custom Blythe dolls and see if you like one. Each custom doll listed on our page is completely unique and they can take days to customize in some cases.

How Much Is A Blythe Doll? What Is The Approximate Cost?

When searching for a Blythe doll for sale, you may see those factory regular Blythes start from $49. Original release Blythe dolls from 1972 start at $3500 because they are rare collector’s items. Modern Custom Blythe Dolls range from $180-$5500 depending on the artist and level of customization.

If you buy a Blythe doll today, it will most likely triple in value in a few years. Some of our dedicated doll collectors on This Is Blythe reached a whooping 2000 dolls! This is a great investment opportunity regardless you are a doll collector or a customizer.

Blythe Dolls are ideal for gifts, holidays, doll photography, house-warming presents, movie and animation studios, anime companies, movies, art studios, drawing and painting, self-gifting, customizing purposes, Christmas gifts, children’s birthday gifts, doll conferences, display and fairs.

What Are Some Tips for Newbies Buying Their First Blythe Doll?

If you are new to Blythe world and looking for a Blythe Doll for sale, our Blythe dolls make sense because of the price point and for you to see if you would like to invest more into a custom Blythe doll collection.

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