Unearthing Cleopatra: A Marvel from This Is Blythe

Today, we invite you on a journey across time and space, all the way to the ancient sands of Egypt, as we unveil our newest masterpiece at This Is Blythe – The Cleopatra Premium Custom Neo Blythe Doll. This majestic doll isn’t just a plaything; it’s a work of art that encapsulates a historical tale of power and elegance. A tangible representation of the enigmatic queen herself, this doll invites you to a world of beauty and intrigue.

Welcome to the Regal World of Cleopatra Blythe Doll

cleopatra neo blythe doll by this is blythe

There’s more to Cleopatra, the renowned Egyptian queen, than meets the eye. Famous for her wit, charm, and astuteness, Cleopatra wasn’t merely a pretty face – she was a formidable ruler and a strategic diplomat. Now, we present you with an opportunity to invite a piece of this regality into your home with our limited-edition Cleopatra Premium Custom Neo Blythe Doll.

Meticulously handcrafted with love and precision, this doll is the epitome of attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Each aspect of this captivating creation tells a story and exudes a unique charm:

  • Handmade blue hair: Reminiscent of the eternal Nile, this striking feature mirrors the mystique and allure of the ancient lands.
  • Custom matte face and special tan skin: A tribute to the golden hues of the Egyptian desert and the rumored beauty of Cleopatra herself.
  • Sleepy rare eyes, eyelid and eyebrow design: Detailed features that capture the mesmerizing gaze of the queen, known to beguile all who looked upon her.
  • Carved lips and open mouth with teeth: Symbolizing her eloquence and sharp wit, characteristics that made Cleopatra an unforgettable ruler.
  • Egyptian queen dress, elegant headscarf, and skirt: A true reflection of her royal status and her unapologetic dedication to luxury and style.
  • Beautiful black shoes: A final touch to complete the ensemble, representing her impeccable taste.

Take a closer look at the Cleopatra Blythe Doll here.

Cleopatra Blythe Doll: A Limited Edition Like No Other

Part of the allure of our Cleopatra Blythe Doll is its limited availability. Its exclusivity brings an added charm to the doll, making it a desirable possession for any collector. It’s a one-of-a-kind marvel you wouldn’t want to miss. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

As a valued customer, your appreciation for the quality, detail, and uniqueness of our Blythe dolls doesn’t go unnoticed. We want you to be the first to enjoy this incredible opportunity.

cleopatra neo blythe custom doll

The Sands of Time are Swift: Don’t Miss Out!

Much like the fleeting beauty of a desert sunset, the chance to secure a Cleopatra Blythe Doll won’t last forever. Take this opportunity to own a doll that’s more than a toy – it’s a work of art, a piece of history, and a symbol of enduring beauty.

Click here to secure your Cleopatra Blythe Doll now.

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Stay Tuned For More

This unveiling of the Cleopatra Thea Premium Custom Neo Blythe Doll is just one of the many exciting things happening at This Is Blythe. We have more in store for you – new dolls, fresh accessories such as clothes and shoes, enlightening articles, and much more. Stay tuned for our upcoming ventures, and we promise to continue surprising and delighting you at every step.

Securing a Cleopatra Blythe Doll is more than just owning a doll; it’s a privilege, a joy, and an entry into a cherished group of doll enthusiasts. Remember, the sands of time wait for no one, so seize the opportunity today and bring home this symbol of regal elegance and charm.

Before we sign off, let’s look at the Cleopatra Blythe Doll here. Don’t let this beauty pass you by!

Our journey doesn’t end here. We’re continually working to bring you more exciting additions to your collection. Until our next masterpiece, stay positive, keep exploring, and above all, keep the magic of Blythe alive.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We’re grateful to share our passion for Blythe dolls with a customer as dedicated as you.

August 16, 2023

My goodness! The dark blue hair is stunning on this doll. I always loved black hair with a blue tint but I never thought of Cleo with pure blue hair.

August 30, 2023

The Cleopatra doll is stunning. I’m loving the hair colors

Nadene Taylor-Beck
September 12, 2023

Blythe Dolls and Ancient Egypt is a fabulous combo. Cleo is stunning and so much potential for further customisation to make her even more unique.
Just love This Is Blythe.

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