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Why is everything so expensive?

We actually provide wholesale prices to our dear customers, who are mostly Blythe customizers and would like to save money on dolls and accessories. Please note that our prices include shipping, handling, and border fees – we make sure you are getting the best deal as possible. Please refer to our Blog article to learn more about the reason behind why Blythe dolls are expensive.

Tip: You can buy your own Nude Blythe doll, customize with Tools and Accessories, and resell at a higher price on Etsy. Our customizer friends and stay-at-home mothers currently make a lot of money by customizing a Neo doll and selling it on Etsy. Preferred markup is minimum 400%. Let’s say a nude Neo doll costs you $150 with full makeup and clothes, you can sell that custom Blythe doll for minimum $600 depending on how much resources and time went into that doll. Again, these prices will depend on how quickly a customizer would like to sell their custom Blythe dolls.

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