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How does the point system work in your Giveaway?

The more actions you take to spread the word, the more points you earn. Earning more points increases the odds of your winnings. You do not have to donate or pay to be included in our giveaway, however, making a purchase on will earn you more points that will give you more chances of winning a prize.

Winners are usually giveaway entrants who have made any purchase during the giveaway on our site because they were able to collect the maximum points ever available for our contest. Example scenario: Sherryl got 30 points by liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram and Twitter whereas Terry got 40 points by completing all Sherryl did as well as making a purchase on our site taking all points available. Although the luck is the most important factor in this contest, Terry was the winner considering the fact she got the maximum points available by taking all actions mentioned on the contest page. Please don’t be discouraged by this since some of our free prize winners were contest entrants who took only one specific action.

Since our contest is fully automated based on entrants’ points and luck, we cannot: manipulate the contest, have a real person to determine the winner or add ourselves to the contest. We hire a third party company to handle our contest for your convenience and peace of mind knowing no real person can manipulate the contest. We love to keep everyone happy that’s our motto.

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