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Can I wash my Blythe doll’s hair?

You can definitely wash and comb the doll’s hair as long as you don’t let the water in the head. Shampoo and fabric softener are known okay for cleaning. Do not to completely submerge the doll’s head in the water since it can cause rusting on the eye mechanism, and eyelashes can become unstuck. Warm water usage for hair treatment is recommended (around 45 Celsius). After washing your Blythe’s hair with the fabric softener, make sure to rinse the hair well, squeeze it to get rid of the excess water, and then you should let it dry naturally in the air as hairdryer usage, in this case, is not recommended. Before any hair treatment, it’s ideal to remove the scalp dome, and just wash the scalp so head mechanism wouldn’t get wet.

how to wash blythe hair

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