Top Reasons a Blythe Doll Is an Excellent Gift Idea

Blythe celebrates her 50th birthday next year. Who’s she, you ask? Blythe is an iconic doll with an oversized head and eyes full of personality.

Though she was little appreciated in the decade of her birth, things have definitely taken a turn for the better today. Carefully-cared-for custom Blythe dolls can sell for thousands of dollars and attract a passionate global collector base.

Are you debating whether a Blythe doll is the right gift for a friend or family member? Read on for our reasons to dive into this captivating world.

Blythe Dolls Have a Fascinating History

Blythe sprung onto the children’s toy market in 1972. Toy company Kenner (now defunct) made it through just a single year of manufacturing before discontinuing the line.

It’s thought her creation was influenced by the series of enduringly popular paintings by 70s artist Margaret Keane, which depicted children and animals with huge, sad eyes. Kenner’s doll makers might have also been inspired by a series of terrifying large-eyed dolls called Little Miss No Name.

Whatever the inspiration, Blythe was clearly a doll before her time. Her oversized head and saucer-like peepers were considered too scary for kids of the era. It wasn’t until three decades later that she emerged from the mists of time, bursting onto the collectible toy scene in a big way.

In 2000, New York TV producer, amateur photographer, and Blythe enthusiast Gina Garan published a coffee table book full of photographs of the iconic doll posed in fashionable locations. She dressed her Blythe dolls in trendy outfits as if they were models at a fashion shoot.

People started scouring eBay and Amazon for original Blythes, and the price for the 1970s doll shot up. Just one year later, Japanese manufacturer Takara began producing brand new Blythe dolls–known as Neo Blythe. The collector base exploded, and Blythe was even spotted in advertisements for the likes of fashion designer Alexander McQueen and electronics company Sony.

Blythe Doll for Kids: A Gift the Grows

If you’re considering a custom Blythe doll as a gift for a child in your life, you can be assured that this is one toy they won’t grow out of. In fact, the large majority of Blythe collectors are adults.

The quirky charm of a Blythe doll gives children the chance to adapt her look to suit their changing worldview. Of course, youngsters will likely engage in play with Blythe as they would a Barbie or other doll. But as they grow older, Blythe can foster other interests.

Maybe they embrace photography as a teen and spend their time building elaborate sets for Blythe. Perhaps they want to be a clothing designer when they grow up. They can use Blythe to practice and refine their unique sense of style.

Best Gifts for A Granddaughter

You’ll be assured to discover a remarkable, unusual, and unique gift for your granddaughter amongst our collection of super cool Blythe doll presents for girls. Whether she’s seven years old or a teenager, we have doll gifts for fashionistas, elfies, tomboys, and ballerinas!

Rare Gifts for Granddaughters That Celebrate Your Bond

All around the world, it’s an absolutely universal fact of life: grannies love to spoil their lovely granddaughters. From allowing them to stay up late to watch television and bestowing them with hugs and kisses to providing unlimited desserts and bites made with loads of love, the relationship a grandmother has with her granddaughter is unlike any other.

Who is your beloved granddaughter, and what makes her so uniquely unique? Why not answer that question with a lovely gift in response. From quality collectible dolls that champion her distinctive qualities to customized doll gifts that you can build just for her, we offer granddaughter gift options that you won’t find anywhere else.

When a granddaughter ages from a precious little child to a young woman, the relationship with her grandmother can become even closer. Therefore when it’s time to give your granddaughter meaningful gifts for Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, a birthday, or a significant anniversary, it’s the thought that always counts. And that’s exactly what This Is Blythe would like to assist you with.

Whether she has vintage and diverse tastes or approaches more towards classy and modern styles, your granddaughter will surely be happy when you select a gift from us.

Ready to find the perfect gift for your granddaughter? Shop now.

Blythe Dolls Are Highly Customizable

You come across a Blythe doll for sale and think it would make a wonderful gift for your niece. But you’re not sure whether she’ll like the particular outfit the doll is dressed in. Well, the good news is that Blythe dolls are endlessly customizable.

If the person you have in mind is crafty, stylish, or full of imagination, they’ll have a ball with a Blythe doll. There are endless accessories, pre-made clothes, and photoshoot props available online. They could make their own outfits and settings if they can sew or are otherwise good with their hands.

If a person is really creative, they could even sell their one-of-a-kind custom dolls to other collectors for a tidy sum. Some people make a job of it!

Blythe Is Distinctive and Iconic

Today, Blythe’s iconic history and looks have made her iconic among fashion-forward celebrities, Instagram influencers, and the shyest toy collectors alike.

Few are immune to her unique charms.

Some say it’s because of her unusual, unmistakable eyes–each doll has a different set. Others believe it’s because you can dress her in any way you wish. Still, others think it’s because of her unusual proportions–more contemporary dolls like Bratz even mimicked her oversized head.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the enduring legacy of Blythe being created by fans worldwide.

Blythe Dolls Appreciate in Value

For determined collectors, a Blythe doll isn’t just something to look at and get creative with. Instead, it’s an investment in their future.

That’s because Blythe dolls not only sell for, in some cases, thousands of dollars a doll, but they also appreciate it over time.

Rare original 1972 dolls are obviously more sought after and, therefore, also fetch the highest prices. However, a beautifully put together Neo Blythe Doll can still go for amounts well into the hundreds.

The more creative the customization, the more coveted it is. So even the accessories–from shoes to clothes to bags–can also come with hefty price tags.

There’s a Huge Blythe Community

If someone’s lucky enough to receive a Blythe doll gift, they’re not just getting a doll. Instead, they become an instant member of a global community of collectors.

Almost every country in the world boasts a passionate Blythe fan base. There are regular conventions held in big cities like New York, London, Berlin, and Barcelona. In addition, people share photos of their Blythe dolls on online forums like Flickr and Facebook, replete with daily, monthly, or yearly outfit challenges to spark creativity.

Start collecting and trading Blythe dolls, and you’ll gain an instant set of new real-life friends, too!

Why You Should Buy From Us

This Is Blythe proudly provides every kind of Blythe doll product and service to all customers and people worldwide with free shipping. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and more

There is a surge in new customers who come to This Is Blythe complaining that the Blythes they bought from other websites and large retailers, such as eBay and Amazon, smell bad, are moldy, or made from cheap plastic. Since our Blythes are made with genuine original parts using our custom patented limbs and joints, our dolls and products do not have unpleasant odors. This Is Blythe reviews all aspects, cares about your health, and uses the highest quality ingredients and materials. We don’t use PVC plastic in the body like other dolls found online and don’t smell plastic or chemicals.

Customers also tell us that some other companies and sellers did not ship their dolls at all. We also received complaints that there were hidden fees, high customs charges, taxes, and difficulty receiving their packages from other vendors. Recently, we’ve received countless alerts and messages from our new customers regarding their experience with these vendors – no response to the email, no communication, and no shipment. On our This Is Blythe Reviews page, you will see thousands of happy customers whose items are delivered to their doorsteps.

We also heard there are ongoing fraud cases with identity theft elsewhere; therefore, we advise you to be careful when purchasing your Blythes. That’s why our company offers $100k Shopper Identity Protection – we protect qualifying customers with 90 days of TrustedSite Shopper Identity Protection after every purchase.

this is blythe reviews
This Is Blythe Reviews

We always receive compliments on how we are the fastest and most responsive doll company compared to other Blythe shops. Many doll customizers and competitors buy and resell from us using our text and photos while making us the busiest doll maker. Also, the latest This Is Blythe reviews show a growing interest in our products especially following the pandemic news.

In addition, we regularly donate to charities and periodically provide dolls to children in need because not every child has toys or games. Every purchase you make goes towards a charity or a child in need. Your purchase helps create the positive change that children need right now. You’ve made the right decision by visiting us and shopping Blythes with us. We thank you for your support and loyalty.

Give the Gift of Blythe

No matter the reason you have for choosing to gift a Blythe doll, there’s one thing you can be sure of. The Blythe you choose will keep her owner busy for a lifetime.

Blythe enthusiasts get to style her clothing and accessories, design her sets, and curate original photoshoots. Plus, they can connect with a healthy community of dedicated collectors from all over the world.

Top Reasons a Blythe Doll Is an Excellent Gift Idea 2
A gift of Blythe for everyone

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to Blythe dolls. If you’re unsure where to start when buying your gift, reach out to our team today. We’ll listen to your needs and help you find the perfect doll for your friend or loved one. Please feel free to check out our Bestsellers.

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