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EINPressWire recently published the press release of This Is Blythe, a global company that provides every single kind of Blythe doll product and service to all customers around the world including the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium. Collectible premium Custom Neo Blythes, which were redeveloped in 2021, are much more popular and their prices can range from around $50 to $250 (United States Dollars) for limited edition premium releases. Buy your Premium Custom Blythe Doll now. 

This Is Blythe provides excellent customer service through rave reviews as well as hosting the largest export of Blythe Dolls available to the public.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 / — This Is Blythe provides excellent customer service through rave reviews as well as hosting the largest export of Blythe Dolls available to the public.

This Is Blythe is the largest company in the world that produces Blythe dolls. First established in 2000 as a photography publication devoted to Blythe dolls, our company is now able to offer customers access to over 6,500 Blythe dolls and accessories, including clothing and shoes.

Although Blythe dolls account for the majority of This Is Blythe products, they also offer online customers a variety of additional accessories. The website allows customers to purchase clothes, shoes, eyes, ears, hair, faceplates, stands, supplies, and customization tools for the dolls.

Doll Combos can also be purchased at This Is Blythe, which combines dolls with clothes and/or accessories reasonably. Blythe fans are assured of receiving high-quality services and products from the This Is Blythe company.

The majority of Blythe customization tools are available for customers at This is Blythe. This Is Blythe is the main manufacturer of one-of-a-kind, OOAK custom Blythe dolls that are unique and can be found nowhere else.

The dolls are available in a range of sizes, including Petite, Middie, and Neo. In comparison to all major competitors, This Is Blythe processing and shipment times are superior.

As a company, This Is Blythe is committed to satisfying customers and establishing long-term relationships with them. As the leading producer of Blythe dolls globally, This Is Blythe is always striving to maintain their position as number one. In all aspects of the production process, the devotion to Blythe dolls is evident in the care taken.

The Blythe market has experienced many clients having bad experiences with other producers and websites due to the lack of quality competitors. There have been complaints that people have not received their dolls or have paid too much. It has been reported that some unauthorized Blythe companies sell used or moldy dolls to unaware customers.

Customers who purchased their Blythe dolls through This Is Blythe report positive experiences with their dolls, as well as the manufacturing and shipping processes.

This Is Blythe boasts a verified 4.5 Excellent review rating on, with the vast majority of reviews falling into 5-star categories. With rave reviews covering shipping logistics, product quality, and customization options, This Is Blythe earns the title of being the most trusted Blythe doll maker in the world.

Elvira Wilson, one Trustpilot reviewer, writes, “Right from my first experience during my purchase to unboxing, from customizing the doll to display in my free time, I kept praising the Blythe doll makers and their workmanship.”

Martine Bourgeois, another Trustpilot reviewer, recalls, “I purchased several Blythe dolls from them, and they are all fantastic. This Is Blythe provides excellent customer service.”Positive This Is Blythe reviews aren’t found just on Trustpilot. The This Is Blythe website posts 17162 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Raving reviews on This Is Blythe report satisfaction with manufacturing these unique dolls and availability of higher-quality clothes and accessories not found anywhere else. Reviews detail how well products like dresses are sewn, the intricacies of the detailed appearance of the dolls, and how well the packaging methods kept orders in perfect condition.

Verified testimonials also include photos of Blythe dolls, so customers researching the company can see fulfilled orders and shop with the confidence their This Is Blythe purchase will be well taken care of.

Raving reviews of This Is Blythe are also found across various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, TrustedSite, Youtube, and by independent bloggers. Youtube videos from well-known collectors, vloggers, and bloggers are the perfect way to see Blythe dolls exactly as they arrive from the manufacturer.

This Is Blythe has been featured on Forbes, BBC World, Linkedin, BBC UK, The New Yorker, The Guardian, and various other press outlets.

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