Take the Opportunity to See the Rich World of Blythe

We are all so different, but this is why we are beautiful. So we at This Is Blythe support social inclusiveness and we want to share with you how wonderful it is that we are all different in this world.

The interaction of diverse groups in society: ethnic, cultural, and linguistic, expands our horizons of communication, acceptance, and development.

Today, let’s say you enjoy a leisurely evening walk along the seawall, glowing in the setting sun with a hot dog in hand and a can of your favorite beverage. Then tomorrow you are already preparing for a running marathon and you have a refreshingly cold bottle in your hand — water with a slice of lemon. And the day after tomorrow, all you want is to have a lazy day when you can’t even crawl out from under your cozy cover. And if you do make the effort, the limit of your energies is to reach the refrigerator or grab your gadgets.

Yes, we are all different, with our favorite activities and exciting hobbies, with favorite food and drinks. We have different bodies and styles, different characters and moods. But we are united by one thing — the love of life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a sports fan or a fan of barbecues, whether you love cross stitching or Nordic walking. What is your priority: a hobby or a job, or a hobby that is inseparable from work? Are you for ‘body-positive’ in all its diversity?

Do you love to swim, but are shy about your broad shoulders, so you bypass the pool? Have you always wanted freckles and curly copper-colored locks, but nature has rewarded you with straight black hair and olive skin?

Free yourself from stereotypes, embrace a broad stream of views.

Be free from prejudice and judgment.

Be flexible and adaptive.

Just like our This is Blythe dolls.

All of our girls are presented with different styles and appearances, different shapes, sizes, colors and types of skin. We are for natural beauty. So we are confident that with our dolls, everyone can pursue their ideas and interests, regardless of the unrealistic rules imposed by the beauty industry. We give you the opportunity to choose to be as you want, to be an individual!

Our fashionable dolls with eyes like oceans — bottomless, mesmerizing and brimming with charm, can be anyone. The exuberant imagination of the doll’s owner is not limited by any templates or preconceived narratives. Blythe is a carte blanche, a face for all — unusual yet with ultra-fashionable costumes. She can wear styles as diverse as gothic Lolita-style outfits to grotesquely bright items, embroidered with ribbons, lace and colored buttons. And of course, she can be adorned with intricate accessories that emphasize her beautiful makeup and expertly fashioned hairstyles. Yet there are also innumerable options for lovers of casual styling and oversized clothes.

Another feature of Blythe Dolls is that they all have fitting names that are characteristic of their nationalities, styles and interests.

This is Blythe reflects our culture. As the world increasingly understands the importance of inclusiveness, we are able to see that the time has come for Blythe Dolls as they are free from conventional and outdated stereotypes.

Meet our carefree, happy girl. She seems as if she were alive. She flirtatiously flutters her adorable eyes with fluffy eyelashes and pouts her plump peach lips. She mysteriously changes her eye tone depending on her mood. Her thick, shiny, bouncy shoulder-length hair with playful bangs evokes déjà vu, as if you have already met somewhere and are ready to continue your acquaintance from where you left off.

What’s your favorite color? Black or white? Stop, we no longer divide everything into black and white, or even shades of grey. We choose a spectrum of color that reflects society in a modern and multicultural world. This is the kind of balance that we need so much. Our advantage is not in choosing a particular color but in the possibilities of the entire palette. Our strength lies in diversity.

This is Blythe has a huge collection of custom dolls that are crafted from scratch with real original parts for you. Each one is original and represents a detailed and characterized personality that you will love for her uniqueness. We know that beauty is different for everyone. The details are important and in the end, the desired look is obtained.

There is no perfection. If you believe you can build ‘the one and only’ Blythe, try it and you will find that you can never stop creating.

To feel happy is all we really need. Do you agree? Happiness is the one thing that we all truly wish for!



Take the Opportunity to See the Rich World of Blythe 17
Comments (5)
August 12, 2022

Very cute!

August 12, 2022

I’m so happy with these beauties, they help me forget my deseases and the time in the hospital. I’m happy to dress them🥰

August 15, 2022


angela eagle
August 21, 2022

It’s so great that they are all so different. Girls can have a doll who looks so much like them or someone they want to be. when my God daughter was little it was so hard to find a african american doll and impossible to find one that was physically challenged

August 24, 2022

much love💕

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