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A This Is Blythe doll is an irreplaceable companion, as well as an object of great delight and emotional connection for creative people. Each of our dolls will help you paint your world with a vast spectrum of ideas, revealing new facets of self-expression within you.

Blythe dolls inspire. They allow you to create hairstyles, clothes as well as purchase wardrobe details and lovely outfits. Working on your Blythe doll provides a catalyst for creativity and relaxation for the soul.

Blythe is characterized by a fascinatingly mysterious expression on a cute face, with a twist… She has bottomless eyes, wears stylish clothes and shoes, and can be adorned with a multitude of beautiful accessories. You can always build a unique and interesting image with Blythe. She can also acquire a different look depending on the angle and lighting. She has an ability to change into an almost infinite range of poses because of how she’s hinged. All this makes her amazingly photogenic.

Thanks to these qualities, photographs with Blythe dolls are akin to art. This is because they look so realistic and natural. Indeed, in the world of Blythe, the passion for photography is hugely popular because it is always a fine pleasure to surround yourself with beauty and share it with the world.

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A Bookworm Blythe Doll

What fascinating photoshoots are waiting to be created for your Blythe? Capture your games, design engaging comic strips, replay your favorite scenes from movies and books, or create your own scenarios.

Demonstrate your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment, post stories on Instagram or Facebook with your girl, share your sincere and childlike joy towards your muse. It is so great that the soul of each of us is filled with love not only for dolls but for everything in this world.

Each Blythe has its own character. They are all different from each other. Some dolls are very fond of being photographed and look great in almost all shots, posing with pleasure in playing out various roles. Others are not so photo-friendly. In reality, a very beautiful and characteristic doll can turn out to be less lifelike and alluring in a picture. And vice versa, an uncomplicated character often needs to be viewed from an unexpected approach to show their lively and vivid side.

Boost your mood with those dreamy places, magical stories, and amazing events that may or may not have happened in your life, but you would so much like to feel.

Only you know about your rebellious nature. Behind the look of neatly combed hair in a puffer, a suit jacket with an office blouse and a pencil skirt, are hidden passions and a desire to go wild. Show your creativity with Blythe.

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Charismatic big eyes with a burning gaze and sensational iris colors: malachite, coral, turquoise, chocolate. There are only four, but all of them can be changed depending on your disposition, whether it be exuberant or serene. 

We can pick up a cool outfit, a lemon-colored oversized cropped T-shirt and high waist denim shorts, then add a jacket made of light denim. Who knows how much this rebellious photo diary will pull you in.

Remember that photography is a whole story in a single frame. The story is about today’s you: what you live for, what excites you, and what delights you.

blythe photo stories blythe photo stories custom blythe doll
Rosie – Premium Blythe Doll

Take an interesting walk. These are frames that carry the aesthetics of originality. They speak about a wonderful event and the individuality of a person. They give us a reason to reflect and dream.

Become the creator of your world and the director of all the exciting events taking place in it.

The dazzlingly hot sun is shining brightly and a light warm breeze drives the aquamarine ripples over the tall, almost head-height grass. There is not a single sound around except for the endless song of summer across the endless field, which is sung in many voices by grasshoppers in the company of birds. Spread out on a cozy chintz blanket, letting your whole body absorb the sleepy peace of the passing noon as you lie on your back, hands behind your head, leisurely thinking about everything and nothing.

Inhale the thick scent of sun-baked earth and the subtle fresh scent of the sea breeze. Watch from behind half-closed eyelids a leisurely group of white sheep in the melting blue of the sky. What a wonderful story from the past. Let’s give a boost to positive memories and bring them to life.

Capture this scene and leave it forever in your memory. Stop time and just enjoy the moment.

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It is very important for a modern person to lead an active social life through which beautiful photographs become a means of communication. With their help you can tell your nearest and dearest about important events in your life, exchange positive feelings and receive hearts from like-minded people.

Prepare yourself this time not only with a picnic basket filled with juicy fruits and refreshing basil-lavender lemonade but also invite your friend Blythe. She will be your inspiration in composing fragments from memory. Everything that happened then, you can capture in a photo session using your endless creativity.

Long hair in a warm light shade, braided in loose braids and mischievous strands bordering your girl’s delicate ruddy face, will match the theme of the walk. Her languid, bewitchingly charming gray-blue eyes seem to look into your soul and make your heart beat faster. She’s amazing! With her soft pink plump lips and a small nose, she is perfection itself.

How does this short, light dress-bell made from linen and tiny sandals made of fabric suit her? She sits, leaning casually on one hand, holding a glass of lemonade in the other. “Alive, just like she’s real…” rushes through your head.

Blythe’s ball joints means she can move easily. Her well-engineered parts allow her to perfectly capture various poses, and the results are gorgeous. This is Blythe is a cure for the imperfection of life.

We are glad to share with you the world of This is Blythe. Our girls are realistic companion dolls whom you can play or just admire. You can shoot fascinating photo stories, change outfits and hairstyles and arrange them in life and fantasy scenes. You can even come up with an entire universe according to your own unique ideas.

Get inspired by other fascinating photo stories, touch the global community of doll lovers and draw positive energy from every new baby in your home.

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August 20, 2022

I love seeing all the different photos people take with their Blythe. There are also a lot of prints you can buy on etsy.

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