Knowing What to Buy Someone Can Be a Headache

What kind of gift do you buy for girls? With Christmas coming, there is no better present than a Blythe Doll to provide your daughter, relative or friend with a hobby that will keep her happy and creative for months and years to come. 

Knowing What to Buy Someone Can Be a Headache 1
Blythe dolls make great Christmas gifts

For the girl who has everything, for the geeky girl and for the style-conscious kid, a Blythe Doll is different, imaginative and incredibly versatile. 

Blythe has been made famous by a host of celebrities and fashionistas. But not everyone is familiar with this iconic figurine. For the uninitiated recipient of a Blythe, a door is opened into a whole new world of possibilities. 

What draws us to a Blythe Doll, is firstly her eyes. They are unmistakable. Her eyes tell a story that leads into an imaginary world of Alice Through the Looking Glass. They project a dream-like image of somewhere familiar, yet far distant. Somewhere otherworldly and sublime. That somewhere is our alter ego and our fantasy life.

blythe gift ideas
Ladies at a gift exchange

No one ever forgets a Blythe. They are a truly special gift. They can, of course, be a plaything for children, but they are more than just a toy or a one-off gift. Blythes have a character and value all of their own. They carry meaning and resonate with our inner selves. For this reason, they rise in value with time and when curated properly, many collections amass a vast wardrobe of clothes and accessories, clothes and shoes. There’s literally a whole world out there for Blythe collectors, hobbyists, and eager craft enthusiasts.

Blythes just beg to be on the show. They naturally lend themselves to endless modeling of new styles and constantly changing attire. For many, crafting Blythe Dolls is a huge part of being a Blythe owner. A Blythe is a blank canvas to create your own expressions. That’s why those who are creative, who have an eye for detail and handy skills, often design dolls that fetch astonishing prices

Knowing What to Buy Someone Can Be a Headache 2
A custom Blythe doll in a photoshoot session before adoption

A Blythe Doll will keep her owner occupied for hours, styling and designing, creating photo opportunities and scenes to show to the world. So if you, like many of us, are stuck for a gift this Christmas or a birthday gift for a fashion-minded female friend, you can’t go wrong with a Blythe Doll. They instantly radiate wonder and they grow in value all the time. 

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