Johnny Depp’s Blythe Addiction

“Lies will get you nowhere, and lies build upon lies. … I’m obsessed with the truth, so today is the first opportunity that I’ve been able to speak about this case in full.”
– Actor Johnny Depp takes the stand in his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Check this photo from 2006. Did you know that Johnny Depp is an avid doll lover? An actor so well-known for his diverse and often bizarre roles, Johnny Depp’s own life is just as colorful as some of the characters he’s portrayed. His residence is home to stacks of CDs, insects and animal skeletons, props from his movies, and numerous Barbies and Blythe dolls that take up a large amount of space. He collects mostly fashion dolls such as Blythe Dolls and Barbies and attends doll shows regularly to discover and collect more. Depp says that he plays Blythes a lot with his kids and claims it’s one of the things he’s good at. Johnny says he will dress and accessorize his collection according to what is going on in show business news.

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In fact, Depp has never told anyone exactly how many different dolls he has. But this hasn’t stopped anyone from speculating. An ‘anonymous source’ claims Depp’s collection includes a number of celebrity dolls: miniatures of Beyonce, the cast of ‘High School Musical’, and Lindsay Lohan, complete with house arrest ankle bracelets.

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“Are you now wondering what a Blythe Doll is? Blythe Dolls are a stylish generation of fashionable, high-quality and highly individualized dolls. Characterized by oversized heads and great big eyes, these waif-like figures stand 12 inches (30cm) tall. Their enchanting eyes change both color and gaze with the pull of a string to match a specific mood, personality, or outfit. Blythe Dolls represent a whole world of learning and creativity, and that’s the fun of it. Each doll is an exciting new challenge for customizers to hone their skills, realize their ideas, and develop their art. “This Is Blythe” is currently the biggest Blythe company where Johnny Depp and Emma Roberts shop their dolls. Adopt your own Blythe Doll this season. Follow @thisisblythecom now”

I’ve got a lot of dolls in storage.

Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp’s storage

A while ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Johnny Depp actually shared the fascinating method he used to shape Willy Wonka, Captain Jack, and some of his other famous movie characters. “We played a lot of Barbies and Blythes, my daughter and I,” he said. “I used to test characters on her, yeah, playing Barbies.”

Lily-Rose is now 23. “She basically—one day we were playing Barbies—decided to just go, ‘Daddy, just do a normal Barbie… like cut out the voices.’ And that was the day I stopped playing Barbies with her.” But Depp can still play with dolls himself. “I’ve got a lot of dolls in storage.”

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Johnny Depp's Blythe Addiction 2
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August 11, 2022

I could totally understand Johnny collecting these dolls. The intricacy of the hair, makeup, clothes & expressions are exactly what he conveys in his movie roles!

Wen Scott
August 14, 2022

Fascinating to see so many Blythe doll collectors — I have three at the moment 😊

angela eagle
August 15, 2022

I learned something new! who knew Johnny Depp liked these and collected them

Maria Ruth Cuadrado
August 19, 2022

Love these dolls, they have all my heart!!!

August 20, 2022

I understand the need for the dolls. My dolls help me with my mood, my health and I love make clothes for them.
I need them in my everyday life 💞

August 26, 2022

so awesome!

August 28, 2022

His daughter has a very Blythe doll appearance to me.

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