Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict?

Dolls have long broken all stereotypes: they are not always made up, and with their hair styled, they wear cute dresses and have the figure of models; they live a happy married life in dollhouses with a smiling Ken.

Dolls are not always perfect, just like people.

Charming Blythe can be anyone, but not a stereotype; she is imperfect-ideal, with her own history, character, image, unique appearance, and positioning. But Blythe has some secrets that are not revealed to everyone but to anyone ready to get to know her better and open their creative world to a new hobby.

You are in good company if you love dolls. Some famous people such as actress Emma Roberts and actor Johnny Depp collect them. British singer Sophie Ellis Bextor is among the doll lovers whose songs combine modern dance rhythms and 80s music. The singer herself describes her style as “refined pop.” Fans of the star-like her deep velvety voice, piquant image with bright artistic abilities.

Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict? 1

The performer is considered one of the most attractive women in the UK. Sophie has a huge variety of dolls, and until recently, she just bought the ones she liked, not considering herself a collector until she realized that her little hobby had grown into something more. She says the dolls are full of personality and charm, which is why these beautiful girls can be found throughout Sophie’s house: in the living room, rooms and study.

Each collection is not only about objects but more about the people who collect them, who own something unique and exciting, who enjoy and enjoy contemplation. Sophie thinks the same: “For me, collecting has got to be fun so that you can bring it into everyday life. I suppose I’m an extrovert with my collection. Some women collect shoes and dresses, I collect dolls – it’s got to be showy in some way.”

Sometimes the owners of dolls are called by love for different images in fashion; they like to collect fashion collections from other countries. Maybe you will be interested in dolls in wedding dresses of European and oriental look in exquisitely detailed puffy dresses or laconic kimonos. Or, you can adore the gorgeous look of vintage Blythes in unique outfits. To make your stylish doll shine and delight you – we are constantly developing and updating our This is Blythe store with new collections. Fashion is so close, just one click away.

Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict? 2
The singer is posing with her doll collection. One of her Blythes is sitting next to her.

Blythe dolls are very photogenic with their lovely expressive face and hand-sewn beautiful original clothes and accessories, and they awaken people’s creative activity. Someone writes stories about dolls, accompanied by photographs, comics, and interesting selections.

British pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor loves to post pictures of her dolls on her social media and get rave reviews from her fans in return.

The dolls look so realistic that they can cater to your emotional needs. When you feel lonely or act out a situation in your life, having your favorite dolls can make you happier. They help to release the feelings hidden in the depths of your soul. With her signature soulful look, a cute Blythe can fill you with joyful emotions and awaken the kindest senses in you. They are made like a work of art. Masters lovingly work on the facial expressions of dolls, work out their outfits in detail, create a completely unique composition, and work on natural body postures.

Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict? 3
A Photo From The Music Video of Guena LG & Amir Afargan Ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Back 2 Paradise (The Artist Holding Her Custom OOAK Blythe Doll)

By the way, dolls have every chance of becoming a hobby that you can share with your own children because dolls will help mothers come to a greater understanding of their children. By sharing games with him, you will learn more about him. So does Sophie, who has five children and a vast collection of dolls with their own fascinating history; they love dolls representing people with their innocent, perfect, and sweet images. Sophie shares that it is essential for her that the dolls are not just interior decoration; you can and should play with them, instill love and interest in children for the creative process.

Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict? 4
Sophie Ellis-Bextor: The singer-songwriter, 42, in the sitting room of her home in west London.

Collecting will color life with exciting, unexpected plots and raging adrenaline. When a collector goes out on a tempting search for a new coveted specimen in his own collection, a real treasure hunt begins. Anyone who wants to add thrills to their lives without risking it should plunge into this exciting doll world. Here is how Sophie Ellis-Bextor talks about her experience of finding treasured dolls: “I like reading about what I collect, finding out the history behind them. When I find a new doll to hunt for, it raises my endorphins, I get excited. I’ll eventually find it and think: “That’s too expensive, I know I can find it elsewhere” – that’s the challenge and the joy.”

Blythe’s happy owners love to share news, show their collections, and publish photo stories about their dolls. They gather for meetings, communicate with the masters and with each other, organize home parties.

You will find many friends worldwide, including celebrities; for example, Sophie shares with her fans and subscribers, the same fans of Blythe, like her, on various topics, thereby popularizing her dolls. She wrote the song “13 little dolls” from Wanderlust’s album, inspired by dolls, fairy tales, and legends. Her enthusiastic fans were in for another fantastic surprise.

Is Sophie Ellis-Bextor a Doll Collector or a Doll Addict? 5
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Wanderlust Album Cover with her Blythe Doll

The video’s release for the song “Back 2 Paradise“, where instead of Sophie, her charming mini-copy sings, created by one of the best OOAK masters Blythe and, by a lucky chance, a fan of Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Erregiro. Gorgeous and insanely Baxter-like, the costumed doll from the album cover of Wanderlust looks adorable and makes this video work unique.

YouTube video

In our online store, This is Blythe; you can find similar Neo Custom Blythe Dolls and get to know them better in your comfort.

If you want to smile more often, feel happy, live a rich and fulfilling life, discover new hobbies and find charm in old ones. Communicate with interesting, like-minded people and share your creativity – the wonderful world of Blythe dolls invites you on an exciting journey!

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She is an appreciator and enthusiast. WOW does that doll really have her essence or what?

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I really love how she embodies her collection. Her personality is definitely infused in her dolls.

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