How to Customize a Blythe Doll

Regular Neo Blythe Dolls are great if you plan to modify the stock look, or if you want to purchase your own accessories and clothes for them. In this way, it does not take away from the collector’s resale value and reduces some of the stress for those who are new to doll modification.

Here are some types of advanced customization:

  • • Sanding, removing the glossy outer coat of face and makeup, repainting
  • • Purchasing various eye chips
  • • Modifications on Blythe doll body
  • • Adding additional pull cords so that one closes the eyes (called a sleeping pull cord) and the other changes them
  • Carving using Dremels to change the shape of the face and lips or using Sculpey to change the esthetic of the face
  • • Rerooting Blythe hair
  • • Special mods on Blythe head

There are times when Blythe customization can get complicated — they can take days to customize in some cases. Don’t have time to customize one? Visit our Custom Blythe Doll section to browse custom Blythe Dolls and see if you like one. Each custom doll listed on our page is completely unique.

Visit all Blythe customization tools.

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