How Much Is a Blythe Doll?

When searching, you may see factory regular Blythes starting from $49. Original release Blythes from 1972 start at $1000 because of their rarity. Any modern Custom Blythe Doll or One-Of-A-Kind OOAK Blythe Doll range from $99-$6500 depending on the artist and level of customization.

If you buy a Blythe Doll today, it will most likely triple in value in a few years. One of our dedicated doll collectors on This Is Blythe has collected an incredible over 2000 dolls in the United States! They are a great investment opportunity to contribute to your budget whether you are a collector or customizer for years to come.

How Much Is a Blythe Doll? 1

What are Blythe Dolls Ideal for?

Our Blythe Dolls serve many purposes including but not limited to:

  • Gift Purposes
  • Doll Customization Hobby
  • Doll Photography
  • House-warming Presents
  • Movie & Animation Studios
  • Anime Companies
  • Movies & Cartoons
  • Children’s Books
  • Art Studios
  • Creative Hobbies for Women
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Self-gifting
  • Customizing Purposes
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Children’s Birthday Gifts
  • Daughter Gifts
  • Valentine & Girlfriend Gifts
  • Child Development Toys
  • Therapy Dolls for Hospitals
  • Toys for Anxiety & Depression Adults
  • Therapeutic Doll Making
  • Granddaughter Gifts
  • Hobby and DIY Toys 
  • Craft Hobbies for Ladies
  • BJD Hobby for Men
  • Top Hobbies for Women Professionals
  • Custom Doll Business
  • Residual & Passive Income
  • Flea Market Buy & Sell
  • Doll Conferences DollCon
  • Displays & Fairs
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August 25, 2022

I had an internet friend back in 0’6 that introduced me to Blythe dolls. She said her mother’s friend had an original from her childhood. I love the customized originals. They just have a certain spirit about them.

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