This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

J ****** m, Hui Pūʻulu
Hoʻolaha kūlike! Palulu nā lauoho a lahilahi a nani hoʻi nā hiʻohiʻona maka. ʻAʻohe mea ʻoluʻolu. ʻOi aku ka maikaʻi o ka maikaʻi ma mua o ka mea i manaʻoʻia. E kūʻai hou wau i nā Blythes hou aʻe e hoʻohui i kaʻu hōʻiliʻili!

This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

R **** a, Nuhōlani
E kani cliche, ʻaʻole hiki iaʻu ke ʻōlelo i nā mea maikaʻi e pili ana i kēia mea kālepa. Inā hiki iaʻu ke hāʻawi i kahi helu hōkū iwakālua, makemake wau. Ua ʻike ʻo Jenna ua loaʻa iaʻu nā mea āpau aʻu e makemake ai a ʻoi aku, ʻo ia hoʻi ka maikaʻi a me ka lawelawe ʻana aku i ka mea kūʻai aku fenomenal

This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

K *** t, Kanata
Absolutely gorgeous doll, I’m so happy with her! I just can't believe how cool she is. The photo does not convey her beauty. Thank you so much for the doll, came just for my daughter’s birthday. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

L ****** k, Aupuni ʻĀina Hui Pū ʻIa
Loaʻa + + uu Ua hele mai kēia kaikamahine maikaʻi loa I loko o ke ʻano mehameha, kēlā me kēia wahi o ka ʻīlio i paʻa pono ʻia, i kahi manawa i wehe ʻia ai ka lei i ka lei kūpono, ʻo ia hoʻi me ka lauoho. Kahi mea kupaianaha, ʻoluʻolu loa i loaʻa iaʻu kēia mea kūʻai! Manaʻo wau 100% me ka hoʻomau ʻole.

This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

J ***** r, Kelemania
I’m new to Blythes and beautiful Jenna helped me through from the start like OMG, never getting tired of my incessant questions. She figured out exactly what I was looking for and made it happen. Thank you Jenna and her boss, my new custom doll has a good home here and you will be the only name I will say for ordering Blythes.

This Is Blythe Nānā Hou!
Aloha mākou i kā mākou mea kūʻai aku ❤️

Josephina K., Pinilana
This is a fantastic doll that I would recommend to anyone! I made an unboxing review video for my 1st EVER Blythe doll! So excited! Check it out here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zZY6K44csM

He aha ka mea e hana ai i kahi kīnā?

From the legacy of Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids comes a new era of dolls, Blythe dolls.

ʻO Blythe he pēpēʻano hoʻoliʻiliʻi with an oversized head and large eyes that change color up to a total of four times with the pull of a string. Like Barbie, ʻO BlytheʻOho are a stylish generation of fashionable, high-quality, and highly individualized dolls. These waif-like figures stand 12 inches or 30 cm tall, characterized by oversized heads and great big eyes. Their enchanting eyes change both colors and gaze with the pull of a string to match a specific mood, personality, or outfit.

A ʻO ka pāpū can change its eyes to match a specific outfit or personality. A cord coming out of the back of the head will close the eyes and switch them to another color. The direction of the eyes also changes in the process. These dolls are an art that ties at the heartstrings. Sentimental nā mea puni puaʻa will complete their collection with these collectible figures and retain enjoyment for years to come.

They also have interchangeable ʻāpana kino, and you can buy extra hands for a variety of gestures. In addition, you can adapt and customize all Neo Blythes with an enormous choice of accessories such as ʻO nā kapa komo lole, outfits, boots, and shoes. These accessories will be a great addition to your beautiful dolls on your home shelves, dollhouses, office, and school classroom desks. Click on the link to visit our Products and Last hale kūʻai.

Pehea e koho a kauoha ai i kahi pēpē Blythe

E kipa iā mākou Products or any category page you are interested in. Our website currently has 75 different product categories to narrow down your options and serve you better and faster. Enjoy your shopping process on a laptop or personal computer (PC) to browse over 6000 products easier. Make sure to bookmark our website on your browser so you can come back to our site and track your orders or ask your question easily. 

1) Custom Blythe puolo

If this is your first time and you are simply picking up a makana nou iho ai ole ia, he makana no ka poʻe aloha, paipai mākou e nānā i kā mākou papahana mua custom Blythe nā pākuʻi e mālama manawa. Ke koho koke ʻoe i kāu hana lima custom Blythe puolo by hair color, skin color, or face type, you will receive your new custom doll with one handmade outfit and a pair of premium doll shoes. In addition, it’s a great way to see and understand how we match dolls with accessories to create harmony and elegance.

2) pēpē Nude Blythe

If you have the chance to discover, customize and dress up a ʻo iaʻo Blythe doll that doesn’t come with doll clothes and shoes as our premium custom dolls do, check out our custom ʻo iaʻo Blythe doll category, which serves a lot of customizers to build their package. This way, you can find more doll options and accessories which you will love and keep forever. Furthermore, creating your package is quite a kaʻina leʻaleʻa that you will love because you are in complete control of picking accessories, unboxing, and dressing your dolly.

3) E kūkulu i kāu Blythe ponoʻī

Inā hoihoi ʻoe i ke kūkulu ʻana nou iho custom Blythe puolo ma hoʻokahi ʻaoʻao wale nō me ka ʻole e hoʻokele i nā ʻaoʻao ʻē aʻe, hiki iā ʻoe i kēia manawa Kūkulu i kāu iho Blythe – for the first time in the world. We’re building gorgeous unique Blythes every day, and people love it! On this product page, you will discover information on how you can pick your new doll’s body type, hair color, hairstyle, and faceplate in a record time, and we will custom build this doll! Building your collectible toy this way would save time and still get a great item without clothes and shoes, which you can always add later.

Kauoha a me ka hana ʻana

Ke koho koke ʻoe i kahi huahana āu e makemake ai, e hoʻohui i ke kaʻa, a hoʻomau i ka a Kūʻai page, where you will fill out shipping and payment details. After you complete your payment, we will receive your order information and get to crafting your beautiful doll. If you place more orders within the same day, we will automatically add these items into the same package for your convenience; no need to worry about different orders or contact us to combine your items.

Our team also will double-check your order content and addresses for typos and errors to eliminate any issues and help you if there are any mistakes during your order. We can always make changes to your purchasing details before shipment. We carefully log all order details for future reference purposes. It’s a great honor – we’re proud to be the only shop to provide these lawelawe intuitive manuahi no laila hiki iā ʻoe ke leʻaleʻa i kāu huahana hou me ka ʻole o kahi hassles.

Kaomi ma ka loulou e hiki mai nei e nānā i kā mākou mea hou Pinepine ninau ninaninau 'ana i (FAQ) e ʻike i ka ʻike hou aku.



ʻO kēia mau mea mahalo nā ʻīlio hae loaʻa i kahi kūʻokoʻa a hoʻopiʻi.

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ʻO ka moʻolelo o nā pēpē Blythe

Ua hana ʻo Allison Katzman i ka ʻO ka Blythe Doll mua ma 1972. Nā pale were then produced by the toy firm Kenner but gained and brought little popularity among children, and toy production was stopped after just one year though it was not the end of the road. As a result, the dolls made during this early spell gained a grown cult following and now sell for thousands of dollars.

ʻO Gina Garan, he mea paʻi kiʻi, a me nā mea hana mai New York, Amelike Hui Pū' Ia, is pivotal to the revival of these dolls. In the late 90s, she popularized the dolls globally, especially in Japan, after announcing the book ThisIsBlythe, along with later works, BlytheStyle, HelloBlythe! and Susie Says. These showcased her toys in a range of fashion shots in American states including California with fascinating and creative backdrops.

Today, these stunning Blythe dollies have a huge following globally. So whether you fancy sharing your real-life ideas and artwork creations with an ever-growing community of Blythe collectors, or you want to improve your photography through your uncommon ideas and perspectives, our dolls make nā hiʻohiʻona maikaʻi loa and inspirations. Of course, they also make wonderful gifts for loved ones – your lovely family and friends of any age.

Pehea ka ʻo Blythe?

The word “Blythe” or Blithe means carefree or nonchalant. It means happiness and joy. It’s an energetic, modern, and contemporary name that many people think of with Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit — a fun, lively, elaborate little play. So how do you spell b-lythe? The word’s spelling combines all those good vibes into an elegant English surname that’s an uncommon yet stylish name. Please note that many people confuse this with the City of Blythe, located in California, CA, United States.

Nawai i hana i nā ʻīlio Blythe?

Ua hoʻokumu ka mea hoʻolālā ʻo Allison Katzman i ka mea mua loa kumu pēpē Blythe in 1972. Back then, Blythes were only sold by the toy manufacturer called Kenner. However, her oversized head and eyes that changed colors with a pull string did not go well with children, and Kenner only traded the four original dolls for a year. 

In 1997, a United States, New York photographer Gina Garan received an original KennerBlythe as a gift and began working to bring her back to life and using the original vintage doll to practice her doll photography skills along with other Americans in public. She proved that it was not the end of the road at all. After taking thousands of photos of the doll, a toy producer in New York, United States of America, spotted Garan’s work. Together, they realized that this eccentric collectible doll would be famous in Japan and started seeking the right to reproduce the wide-eyed dolls again, which any child would love this time and hold most dear in their life for years.

Ma hea i hana ʻia ai nā pēpē Blythe?

In 2000, the toy firm produced a TV commercial featuring a new and improved doll for Parco’s department store. These nā pēpē hou i hoʻomaikaʻi hou ʻia from the department market became an enormous hit in Japan, surrounding areas, and more than 1000 dolls were produced to meet customer demand. Arizona, United States company, Ashton Drake Gallery, also began making dolls for the United States market area; however, they were not as popular as their Japanese counterparts. While Takara’s Neo ʻO BlytheʻOho ua hoʻokumu leʻaleʻa ʻia ma nā kumu kumu 1972, ua hoʻāʻo ʻo Ashton Drake e hana i nā kope pono.

Nowadays, we proudly provide every single kind of Blythe doll product and services to all customers around the world, including the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium with hoʻouna manuahi i ka honua holoʻokoʻa a me ka lawelawe manuahi ʻana. ʻO kā mākou uku kumukūʻai Mana Lima Neo Nā pale, which were redeveloped in 2021, are much more popular. Their prices can range from around $50 to $250 (United States Dollars) for limited edition premium releases this year. Click on the link to discover and buy your Premium Custom Blythe Doll kēia manawa. 

Ehia nā pēpē Blythe?

When searching, you may see Blythes mau Hoʻomaka a $ 49. Hoʻomaka ka hoʻokuʻu mua Blythes mai 1972 ma $ 3500 ma muli o kā lākou luhi. Kekahi ʻano hou Custom Blythe Doll scale from $180 to $6500 depending on the artist and level of customization.

If you buy a Blythe today, it will most likely triple in value in a few years. Some of our record-breaking ʻohiʻohi pēpē on our website have collected an incredible new level of over 2000 (and counting) dolls in the United States and Europe area! They are a great manawa kūpono hoʻopukapuka this year, whether you are a collector or a customizer.

He aha ka nui o kahi pēpē Blythe?

If you are wondering what scale Blythe dolls are, there are three sizes of Blythes:

He aha nā pēpē Blythe maikaʻi?

Our Blythes serve kumu nui, me ke kau palena ʻole ʻia i:

  • ʻĀpana Pūnaewele
  • Hōʻike Hoʻolālā Hobby
  • Keaka Puʻuwai
  • ʻO nā kiʻi ʻoniʻoni & ʻoniʻoni
  • ʻO nā hui ʻoihana
  • Nā kiʻi ʻoniʻoni a me nā kiʻi ʻoniʻoni
  • Business Office Desks
  • Children’s Education Books
  • Young Students Education
  • Kindergarten Schools
  • Classroom Desks
  • ʻOihana Studios
  • Nā ʻOkoʻi Hoʻokele no nā Wahine
  • Kaha & Pena
  • Self-gifting (Any Age!)
  • ʻO nā hōʻike ʻana i ka hale
  • Kūleʻa hoʻonaninani
  • Nā Kalikimaka Kalikimaka
  • Nā Makana Lā Kamaliʻi
  • Mea Hānau Keiki
  • Nā Makana Valentine & Girlfriend
  • Nā Pāʻani kūkulu keiki
  • Nā Pāka Inila no ka Halemai
  • Nā mea pāʻani no nā mākua hopohopo & kaumaha
  • Hoʻolālo Hoʻolāʻulu Therapeutic
  • Kamana Keiki
  • Nā Pāʻani Hobby a me DIY 
  • Kāleʻa Kūkū Hana no nā Wāhine
  • ʻOihana & Kula
  • ʻO BJD Hobby no nā kāne
  • Nā Kauka Topiko no nā ʻoihana wahine
  • ʻOihana pāʻoihana Custom
  • Loaʻa kālā loaʻa & Passive
  • Kūʻai a kūʻai aku ʻo Flea Market
  • Nā Lunamakaʻina Doll Doll
  • Hōʻike & Hōʻikeʻike

Tanja’s Toys Review

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No ke aha e kūʻai ai mai iā mākou?

Hele mai nā mea kūʻai mai iā mākou i kēlā me kēia lā e namunamu i ka Nā pale they bought from other websites and shops smell bad and are made from cheap plastic. Since our Blythes, designed in California, are made with nā ʻāpana kumu me ka hoʻohana ' nā lālā palai pono and joints, our dolls and other products do not have unpleasant odors. They do not smell of plastic or chemicals.

Our high-quality lauoho pēpē is not dirty or faded, unlikely other doll wigs online. You are also getting the best handmade fiber doll hair that we are constantly developing, which will last a lifetime when buying from us. Our Blythe doll hair cannot be mistaken for cheap, low-quality doll wigs because each of our hair products goes through many processes to have the best life durability.

Please note some customers also brought to our attention that random companies and sellers did not ship their Blythe dolls at all. We also received complaints there were hidden fees, high customs charges, taxes, and difficulty receiving their packages to date. However, we consistently receive compliments on how we are the ʻo ka hui pēpē wikiwiki a wikiwiki hoʻi hoʻohālikelike ʻia i kekahi nā hale kūʻai. Ka hope loa this is blythe hōʻike manaʻo show that there is a growing interest and huge demand in our products.

Our mission and vision statement introduces that we would like to be the most customer-centric toy business, where customers can discover anything they might want to buy quickly, and endeavors to offer its customers the best possible interaction without hassle.

Also, our website is utilizing better translation than any other retailer available. Our team, customizers, and facilities are available by phone, fax, or email 24 hours if you need any help before, during, and after purchase to provide you with fast, free & friendly customer service. We also provide popular free shipping with free handling.

As seen in the kaomi and online, we’re the world’s renowned doll customizer shop for the public and communities. Additionally, we’re the only Blythe shop offering free $100k Pale Kūʻai Kūʻai Kūʻai to customers after every purchase.

Our boutique toy shop regularly donates changing lives and creating happiness every day because not every child has toys or games. We also work with schools and other education-related establishments to provide the school students with Blythe toy models to aid their lessons.

It’s a sign – you’ve made the right decision by visiting us and shopping your Blythe with us. Thank you for your support and loyalty. We ensure you that we are working hard with grace for this success every day. You’re part of our family.

Nā ʻōlelo aʻoaʻo no ke kūʻai ʻana i kāu pēpē Blythe 1st

If you are new to this world, our Blythes as kāu pēpē mua kamahele no ka:

  • ko kakou Neo ʻO BlytheʻOho are available at the right price point.
  • You can browse and see how much you’d like to invest in a collection.
  • Our site offers to search for all varieties by using our extensive menu.
  • Inā kūʻai i kāu Doll a me nā huahana ma kā mākou pūnaewele, e hōʻalo ʻoe i nā pēpē pipiʻi pipiʻi, pilau, a haki hoʻi i kūʻai ʻia aku ma nā wahi ʻē aʻe.
  • Inā ʻaʻole ʻoe e maopopo Neo ʻO Blythe Doll e kūʻai, e ʻoluʻolu e nānā i kā mākou Bestsellers wahi aiʻole Hoʻokaʻaʻike our team by phone, fax or email to help you find a gorgeous one that you will love and keep forever.

Our Blythes and products are crafted with love, thoroughly tested, inspected & tried, then shipped every time.

ʻO kā mākou hōʻoia.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible if you purchase your Blythe and related products elsewhere, such as big popular e-commerce sites and other online art craft stores. In addition, you will not get our award-winning product support and customer assistance elsewhere.

We ensure you that our mission & vision statement is to understand communities and customers’ needs, provide all people of the world, regardless of age and race, committed customization assistance, and improve your experience. We achieve this by working hard every day and making you feel excited about your decision to work with us.


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