Blythe Doll Collecting: A Fun Hobby for Adults That’s Here to Stay

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Allison – Premium Custom Neo Blythe Doll

Some women collect handbags, some women collect shoes, and some women collect dolls.

Yes, you read that right.

Strange as it may sound to someone unfamiliar with the world of doll collecting, this unique hobby has a massive following. One doll, in particular, has become extremely popular with women around the world, and her name is Blythe. She’s been described as quirky, creepy, beautiful, bizarre, cute, and everything in between.

So, what’s going on here? Why are adults with mortgages and chequebooks spending money on toys? Buckle up because we’re about to enter the wonderfully weird world of custom Blythe dolls.

What is a Blythe Doll?

Back in the 1970s, Allison Katzman created a Betty Boop-inspired toy with big, round eyes and a big, round head to match. The pull of a string changes her eye color and the direction she’s looking – pretty cool, right?

But instead of rivaling the likes of Barbie, Blythe just didn’t take off. Kids were creeped out by her realistic facial features and bobble-headed gaze, and she seemed doomed to be forgotten.

Fast forward to 2000, and boom! A renaissance occurs – after a prominent TV producer gets ahold of an old Blythe and starts taking pictures of it, they become a highly sought-after collector’s item. Fast forward to the present, and that momentum still hasn’t slowed down – more women (and even men!) get into this unique hobby every day.

Why Do People Love Blythe So Much?

This may surprise you, but Blythe collectors aren’t basement-dwelling hermits. In reality, most of the women who pick up this doll collecting hobby are young professionals with busy lives and fulfilling careers. So why is this what they spend their free time doing?

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For most people, it’s a creative outlet. Sewing or buying Blythe doll clothes and taking pictures of them in different poses is what makes it so fun. Some people even take it a step further by creating new hairstyles and painting the faceplates to add freckles or blush. Some celebrities are also into Blythe dolls – Emma Roberts is a Blythe fan and owns two custom Blythe Dolls.

The customization options are endless – you can turn them into your favorite movie character, give them clothes from a particular time period, or create something completely from your imagination. It’s as much of an artistic endeavor as oil painting or sculpting, just in a slightly more unconventional way.

Is it weird to collect dolls? Maybe, but so is ultimate Frisbee, corn hole tossing, coin collecting and a million other hobbies – we’re all weird, so let’s just embrace it and do what we love!

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Custom Blythe Dolls: The Heart of the Hobby

Collecting Blythes isn’t just about trying to get as many as you can (although you could certainly do that if you wanted to – knock yourself out!). The real fun is customizing your Blythes. Whether you make your own Blythe doll shoes and clothes or buy them online, giving them unique styles and personalities is what makes this hobby so addictive. The good news is that you can use real human makeup and hair products to style your Blythes.

The miniature dolls are the perfect canvas for fashion lovers to experiment with new looks. Those with a passion for photography can use the figures’ poseable joints to take Pinterest-worthy photos that look like something out of a magazine.

A Growing Community of Collectors

When you buy your first doll, you instantly become part of a huge worldwide community of collectors. And you’ll quickly realize that a lot of people are really, really passionate about this hobby.

You’ll find budget collectors within the community who hunt for cheap Blythe dolls.

Yes, there are dozens of niches within this already very niche group. Everyone has a favorite way to enjoy them, from black Blythe doll collectors to petite Blythe doll collectors.

Blythe Doll Collecting: A Fun Hobby for Adults That’s Here to Stay 1

Learn More About the World of Doll Collecting

It’s hard to read about these quirky little collectibles without wanting to know more, or maybe you’ve already fallen in love and are interested in owning one for yourself. However you feel about them, you have to admit that it’s a unique and artistic hobby that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

If you’re curious about these little curios, you can browse our huge Blythes and Blythe doll clothes collection. We have everything you need to start collecting, including jointed Neo Blythe dolls, the middle sister middie Blythe dolls, pocket-sized petite Blythe dolls, and all the parts necessary to create your own custom figure from scratch. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try! Buy your dolls on This Is Blythe today ❤️

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