Begin the New Year with Blythe

The New Year holidays create a special thrill within us, caused by the unique atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and the expectation of magic in the air, as well as the exciting prospect of new hobbies to pursue.

When you want to share this feeling with someone, a gift is the best way to do it. You can give charming Blythe Dolls to your friends and family, but do not forget about yourself!

Alongside the crisp January air, a miracle is going to knock on your window, and you should be ready for this magical moment. When it comes, you can close your eyes, breathe out and open yourself up to a new hobby.

How to do magic?

Just choose your Blythe and dive into this mystical world of beauty. Dolls transform the house, and by giving them to those closest to you, you restore their peace of mind.

Of course, when we play, we use the fingers of both hands. Through this kind of therapeutic play, the cerebral hemispheres begin to function smoothly and in full force. Therefore, it is not surprising that unexpected ideas come to mind and everyday tasks are solved quickly and easily through working on Blythe Dolls. Passion for dolls is a valuable activity—a way to distract yourself from problems. If something is bothering you, use creativity as a lever to shift your focus towards more pleasant things.

So what kind of dolls are they?

They are a reflection of ourselves. They are also toys and new family members who live in our homes and warm their creators with love. Each of us chooses our own dolls. Or they choose us! Eventually, the masters say goodbye to their creations and release them into the world with one hope: that they will bring joy and happiness to others.

Once you immerse yourself in the world of Blythe, you will know exactly what we mean. You can take the dolls with you for a walk, arrange stunning photoshoots for them; you can come up with fascinating posts, and compose glamorous Instagram stories. The plots are limited only by your imagination: they could be a wild party or a selfie against the background of a famous work of art. Some of your dolls could be presented on a trip to snowy Lapland to visit Santa Claus and his elves, where an atmosphere of magic reigns, where frosty air blushes their cheeks, and the unique mystery of the northern lights adds striking impressions and emotions to the scene.

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New year festivities represent a delightful gift of miracles—not the miracles themselves, but rather the expectations of them. Sometimes it seems that what you wish for will certainly come true and this anticipation creates the happy excitement of a real holiday.

Begin the New Year with Blythe 3
Lovely custom Blythes

This expectation of miracles and fairy tales brings us the strength we need to overcome the dark winter months, bypass obstacles, and achieve the things we desire. This magic happens all around us, and you just need to notice it! When you are aware of the magic of the new year, then happy moments do not leave your life—they become an inseparable and profoundly gratifying part of it.

Blythes can bring energy and peace to their owners, besides a beautiful mood and happy smiles on festive winter days.

By collecting certain things, we aim to rejuvenate our spirits and rediscover our purpose in life. Looking at our collections brings aesthetic pleasure and satisfying feelings of fondness. As well as this, miniature mise-en-scenes or elaborate and exotic sets for our dolls can add color and character to our homes.

Let your inner child play!

A child is just that part of our soul that creates. And creativity is necessary for everyone to enjoy a wonderful life. Maybe you think that you are a person who is not capable of any creativity—never tell yourself this! The purchase of dolls is a unique activity and can revive the love of creativity in everyone. Collecting is already a form of creativity and the way you handle it brings even more artistic action. The happy owner of adorable Blythe Dolls loves to think about such original ideas as placing her collection in a miniature or, conversely, a large apartment, choosing an interesting subject and location for an impromptu photo session, presenting each doll carefully, creating a detailed and complete image.

Most of Blythe’s owners unexpectedly gravitate towards sewing and knitting in order to give their beloved girls unique new clothes. However, you can also find a fantastic collection of Blythe doll clothes, wardrobe items made of high-quality materials, and original designer doll shoes in our store.

Some find themselves creating miniature furniture and original interior features to organize the pleasant environment of an apartment for their doll. But even if you don’t go that far, your collection will be considered creative because it reflects your world, state of mind, and peculiarities. Replenish that part of yourself that you need to—start feeling better and learn a lot about yourself through your dolls. Each Blythe Doll keeps within itself not only a cute appearance and a unique character but also energy, hopes and dreams. A doll is like a vessel of the human image. But the vessel is not empty; it is filled to the brim with beauty, joy, and happiness. It is both a symbol of childhood and a connection to the small world we have created.

Let us lose ourselves by peering into the very soul of our doll through her charming big cute eyes, framed by fluffy eyelashes.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor with her Blythe doll
Sophie Ellis-Bextor with her hobby doll collection including a Neo Blythe

Blythe dolls can be found in the homes of many countries of the world—some use them for games, some for interior décor, some for attractive photo reportage and some are just passionate about collecting.

Each Blythe is unique as they are created with love and imagination. Every little thing—facial expressions, posture, clothing details are thought out with great care. They can become a kind of masterpiece created for contemplation and admiration. Blythe Dolls also have an expressive appearance that reflects a particular emotion and mood. They can be sad, ironic, funny, joyful, playful, and resentful—just like humans. So treat yourself to a fairytale, start in the New Year holidays by getting to know Blythe—dream, fantasize, create.

In dreams, it constantly seems that there is such a lot of time left, and likewise in life, I would like to fill every hour, minute, and second to the brim with diverse hobbies and goals and succeed in everything I put my mind to. I want to live and feel, communicate and meet new people and share my impressions with them. And I’m sure you do too. So why not turn your dreams into reality? Let’s kick-start a new countdown for your new year, in which you will surely achieve the things you hope for and discover new passions and creative horizons to explore.

This Is Blythe truly wishes you a very happy new year!

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