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August 16th, 2007
Back in the saddle!

Hey everyone!

I just got back from a super sweet trip to my in-laws house in SC.  It was amazing!!  For those of you who live in that neck o' the woods you understand how hot it can get, right?  The temp reached 102 degrees at one point.  I'm a NYC girl and I could barely swing it!  But Southerners are a totally different breed.  They drink sweet tea and eat boiled peanuts and are on their way.

Carpenter is now a certified beach bum.  Exhibits A & B:


He earned his keep though, trust me.  He's now my shipping guy.  That's right.  He accompanies me to the PO every day and is happy to be the one to drag the cart (unless it's taller than him!):

And all he ever wants in return is a vanilla cone with sprinkles.  I love a man who's easy to please!!

My on-line shop continues to grow like mad.   As always, if you have any feedback on how to make it better don't be shy.   I've recently added some amazing new goods to my clothing section including some hard to find YJP items.  And, this weekend I'm *finally* working on getting some original prints uploaded (it's a bear as I have over 10,000 to choose from).   Peek in when you have a second. 

Hope you're all having a swell August.  Stay in touch!


August 2nd, 2007
Hey bitches!!

Do any of you know about William Sledd aka the fabulous 'ask a gay man' guru?  If not PLEASE run on over to youtube and check him out.  Better yet, just visit him at


Total hilarity.  Lucky me -- I got to meet WS at the closing performance of 'Grey Gardens' and to my surprise he's even sassier in real life.  So cute, so tan, so genius.  He wept along with about 99% of the audience as the final curtain came booming down.  Why oh why did it have to close?  Have no fear, Blythe and I have done our own little tribute to Edie.  It'll be for all eyes to see when I get my $%#@%^ scanner fixed.

Not much else going on here.  Asa, Carpenter and I just spent a week at the beach in CT and are headed off to SC for another round of fun in the sun.  So terribly global, right?

Lots of love y'all!!