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May 2nd, 2007
STAUNCH women (and men)

I've hit the motherlode thanks to my ever accommodating husband, Asa.  As some of you know, he's in the Broadway cast of 'Grey Gardens', a show based one of my all-time favorites documentaries.  PLEASE run out and buy a copy of the dvd, or even better trek to NYC and catch the how.  It's a true masterpiece.  I asked uber-talented Christina/Oriettacat to help me concoct an outfit for my Little Edie to wear backstage and as usual she came through with flying colors!  The cast and crew were utterly speechless.  Here she is, charming the socks off all who met her:

Christine Ebersole (Edie extraordinaire)

Bob Stillman (Gould)                               Sarah Hyland (Jackie) and Kelsey Fowler (Lee)
Erin Davie (Edie, Act 1)                                    Erin again!

Asa! (standby for Joe Kennedy/Jerry)                                    MAtt Cavanaugh (Joe Kennedy/Jerry)

Mary Louise Wilson (Big Edie)