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April 30th, 2007
Blogger Monday for 4/30

here goes!!

super schnauzer top.  reg price $6 super blogger price $3
pink crushed velvet dress. reg price $10, super blogger price $6
pink crushed velvet dress. reg price $10, super blogger price $6

crimson cardi. reg price $10, super blogger price $6
grey cardi. reg price $10, super blogger price $6

supplies are limited.  drop me a line if you want in!

April 20th, 2007
Remember me?

Vaguely.  It's been awhile since last I wrote.  What I would like to blame it on is my recent trip to Dallas.  I forgot how to log on to my blog (duh) and got completely backlogged.  I'm back though and I promise I won't leave you hanging again.

So, what's new on this end?  Not alot.  I did have a fantastic visit with my Dallas friends.  Thanks to everyone who came out on that rainy day.  I forgot to bring my camera (duh again and again) but will post some photos that I hope to borrow from some of the attendees.  Dallas is so much fun.  You've gotta visit if you haven't already.

On the Blythe side of things, I'm gearing up for my bi-annual trek to Tokyo.  The fashion show is bound to be a doozy this year.  It's been moved to a MUCH bigger and more glamorous venue so expect to be dazzled.  I've already shot some of the dolls that will be featured and am happy to say that they will knock your sockies off!!

I haven't forgotten my promised 'blogger Monday' special.  Since I suspended it last week I promise to do a double shot this Monday.  Be sure to check back!

Love to all!


April 1st, 2007
Do all my cool friends start with 'C'??

I think so.

Check out my friend Claire and her beyond fab tattoo:

I can't stand how gorgeous it is!!  Claire and her friend Sarah stopped by my studio yesterday so I got an in-person gander.  Holy cow, it's incredible.  For those of you who are ink-inclined, you can see more work from the masters who created Claire's little lady: - her guy is Alex McWAtt but really, they're all to be reckoned with.

This just in from my friend Christa:

Oh how I love to see my ginagirls out and about!!  She looks so cute!!  Kawaii!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend.  I'm about to wake Carpenter out of his slumber for a much needed haircut.  His bangs are so long he can barely see.  I'm constantly asked 'How old is SHE?' and because I'm too lazy to explain otherwise, I just say 'She's two'.  I'm gonna get the requisite smidgen taken off the front and that's it.  I have a feeling he's still gonna look girly.  Ah well....

Talk to y'all soon!!