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February 25th, 2007
NYC Comicon maxi report

Hey everyone,

I just straggled in from Comicon where the nerd herd totalled 40,000+.  I use the term nerd herd with all the love in the world, as I'm about the nerdiest of the bunch!!  Thanks to everyone at Toy Tokyo for making my signing so comfy.  And, thanks to to everyone who came out.  I really appreciated it.

                    ....only at Comicon.....                          the great girls from Toy Tokyo

My favorite new friends, David and Hope and Faith.  I love nothing more than meeting cool kids at these things.  When Carpenter is a little older trust me, he'll be dragged along to every one of them!

One of the highlights for me was meeting and chatting with SUPER talented Tim Biskup (  His stuff is really incredible.  I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for his sweet little figure, Tigerlily which I found out today was named after his 4 1/2 year old daughter. 
Cool name, cool dad and REALLY cool little cat.

I'm off to Florida tomorrow.  Can't wait to feel the sun a-shinin'!!

Talk to you all soon.  Happy Sunday!

February 23rd, 2007
NYC Comicon mini report

Hey everyone,

I just got back from Day 1 at Comicon and as expected, it was a madhouse.  It's so much fun though and definitely worth a look if you're in the city this weekend.  I trolled the aisles for girly things and came across 2 booths that I just have to share with you.  The first is called DreaminGirl ( - the designer/artist is a really sweet girl named Ru who specializes in gentle and cute egg-like characters with names like Ovelia, Gini-gini, Eddy and Edy and more.  There's one called Ai-Hua that is slighty reminiscent of my own dear ginagirls!!  Ru also makes ooak stuffed bears and cats that are TO DIE FOR.  Really.  I bought a bubblegum pink bear wearing earmuffs that is honestly the sweetest thing I've seen.  I'll post some photos of her later this week.

My second great find was a doll maker/artist names Christy Kane.  She makes detailed, spooky but sweet rag dolls that wear Victorian garb and live very interesting lives.  Christy had loads of great stuff for sale including dolls, messenger bags, tee shirts (of course Mr. Carpenter has one now!!), postcards and her book entitled 'Tales of the Sisters Kane'.  The photos are  delicious and the stories are really well written and super sassy.  One of the main characters, Lily, has 'lost 9 fingers, one-by-one, due to her careless fascination with a sewing machine' and then there's Calalilly 'whose unchecked temper has doomed her to becoming a hook-handed piano player'.  To learn more about these lovely ladies check out and please stop by their booths if you're at Comicon this weekend.  And definitely stop by Toy Tokyo on Sunday at 11 so you can say hi to me too!


February 22nd, 2007
Oldies but goodies

The great thing about having a blog is that I can finally share some of the photos I've been hoarding all these years.  I have some pretty cool stuff, if I do say so myself!

A few months ago I went to the Heatherette fashion show in NYC as a guest of the totally rad folks at Irregular Choice.  I took one of my ladies along and as you'll see, she hobnobbed with quite a cast of characters:

Brandy Wine and Brenda-A-Go-Go

The very chic and fabulous Katie Joel, wife to Billy and ex-Top Chef Hostess/Diva

Cutie Pie Nicole from Irregular Choice and me!

This show was off the wall in the best of ways.  Their 'celeb' models included:  Paris and Nicky, Amanda Lepore (love love love), Mena Suvari, Amanda Hearst and lots of cute downtown boygirls.  So much fun.  My favorite blog,  borrowed some of my photos from the show and published them w/ a full account the day after the event.  BTW, do any of you read PITNB?  I LOVE it.  Can't get enough.

I just uncovered an outtake from my Gentle River/Team Sibley photoshoot for Dolly Dolly magazine.

It was taken in Central Park on a super hot summer day (over 100 degrees!!)   As usual, Miss B was as cool as a cucumber, winter coat and all.  This one is a real beauty.



February 21st, 2007
Bathing beauties, Britney, Grey Gardens and more!

The new Primadollies are right around the corner!  I had a chance to shoot them in Florida last month and I must say, they're pretty fantastic.  I have a soft spot for Ebony, the dark haired lovely with the long-in-the-front-shorter-in-the-back 'do.  She's definitely Rosie Red-esque but with a sassier edge.  And, her bathing suit is KILLER!!


Now, I must digress from dollytalk for a sec.  What do y'all think of Britney Spears these days?  I know I'll get blasted for saying so but I love her, bald and all.  Poor thing.  Hey, are there any customizers out there willing to re-root Miss Britters?  I'd love to see her in pink mohair.  Hooray!


Some of you may know my husband Asa.  He's an actor and is currently understudying two of the male leads in 'Grey Gardens' on Broadway.  He'll be performing as Joseph Kennedy Jr., the love interest of "Little" Edie Beale, beginning Thursday, March 1, and running through the evening performance on Wednesday, March 7th. If you've been thinking of catching the show, now's a good time because they're running a special on tickets. Go here to find out more:

While I'm in GG mode, please indulge me by peeping Carpenter doing his best Little Edie impression!!


February 20th, 2007
ginagirl art

A sweet little girl named Leah made these drawings of what could be the next round of ginagirls!

She did a fantastic job, didn't she?  I love seeing ginagirl art and photos.  If you wanna share yours, just say the word!  Many thanks for Miss G for sending these phots on to me.  They made my day!

February 19th, 2007
The most gorgeous thing

My friend Cybele is an amazing illustrator.  Look what she did! 

Talented AND sweet to boot!!

Tonight is the french fashion event.  Can't wait to see you all!  My guestlist is hefty.  Expect lots of photos tomorrow!!


February 19th, 2007
Fashion forward and fabulous!

Just got in from the Pret a Porter show.  What a great time!!  There was champagne flowing from start to finish, lots of yummies to eat and a really great DJ.  The dolls were stunning and the crowd even more so.  Big hugs and thanks to everyone who braved the cold tonight.  I had a blast!

dolly line up

dolly line up 2

me with Cindy Whiteside, Barbie stylist extraordinaire!

Some of my favorite girlies:  Jannese, Catherine and Heidi

Caroline and Susie!!

with my good friends Mike and Gary

the very glamorous Melody and Nate

February 18th, 2007
Comicon NYC! Come on over!

Hey everyone,

Just wanna let you know that I'll be at Comicon NYC next weekend to chat about my new little line of ladies...ginagirl!!  I'll be at the Toy Tokyo booth on Sunday, February 25th at 11:00 am.  I'm happy to say that the dollies are going fast here in the US as well as in Asia.  If you want one of your own please let me know soon as my supply is dwindling. 

If you are able to stop by you're in for a major treat.  Christina/Orriettacat absolutely outdid herself with the diorama that the girls live in.  It too will be on display, so please come check it out.  It's out of this world!!

February 16th, 2007
Blythe in Beijing

Isn't this cool?  My friend Ian was in Beijing a few months ago and stumbled across this Blythe minishop in a department store.

 I need that dresser in my office!

February 14th, 2007
Calling all NYC Blythers!!

This is a very cool event.  Every year we do a fashion show in Tokyo that features dolls from designers 'round the world.  This year Pret e Porter Paris put together an exhibit that will be on view in NYC next week.  After NYC the dolls will make their way to Tokyo for the big show in June.  There's an opening party for the exhibit on Monday, February 19th at The Terminal Stores (which for those of you who were clubkids back in the day is also known as the old Tunnel).  I'll be there, and if you're in NYC hopefully you will too!  If you're interested in attending, drop me a line at and I'll put you on my personal guestlist.  It is limited though, so please do let me know if you can't make it as the day gets closer.  PLEASE bring a doll or two!  I think it would be really cool for us to have our own girls on hand. 


February 13th, 2007
Gathering madness

hey everyone,

The gathering this weekend was fantastic.  We all got sugared up on cupcakes, chocolate, cannolis from da Bronx (thanks Bronxdoll) and a super high dose of Blythe cuteness.


**Gina and Brent**                                           **the fabulous Bronxdoll**

Brent brought along his melon girl which was a real treat since it was the first time I got to lay my mitts on one.  She's gorgeous.  And, as always there were lots of cute customs and amazing outfits to boot.  These gatherings are such a high point for me.  The people I've met through Blythe have become family.  Really.  It's so great to have a supportive, fun and cool posse to hang out with.  Speaking of family....Asa and Carpenter were along for the ride, but just for a few minutes.  Carpenter has grabbed his terrible twos by the ***** BUT he's so freaking cute that I can handle it most of the time.  He has a new trick up his sleeve.  If you ask him what Blythe does he blinks his eyes and says 'click'. So funny.  He has his own little troop of dolls so don't be surprised when he starts customizing in his crib!

I stopped by toyfair yesterday to see the toytokyo booth where ginagirl is in full effect!  Thanks to the magical Christina/Oriettacat, the girls look chic and gorgeous in their picnic diorama.  Lev from TT said everyone wants to buy it!  there were no Blythe dolls to be had, BUT i did get to the Jun Planning booth to see the new Pullips and Dals and even got a chance to meet the designer.  I also met Robert Tonner who was premiering his line of martian-esque dolls.  They looked a bit like more refined cousins of Emerald the Witch.  Very cool.

Hope you all have a good one today.  We're expecting snow tonight here in NYC.  If it actually does happen, expect to see some big headed snow angels!!


February 3rd, 2007
My First Entry

Well well well.... looks like i've finally decided to join the 21st century!  people always ask me if i have a blog. I don't know what's taken me so long. I guess i worry that i don't have anything interesting to say. But, since no one is forced to read it i'll yammer on and you can decide if it's worthy of a return visit!

My plans are simple: To be able to obsess about my dolls in a public forum. Not just blythe and my new line ginagirl, but about all my dolls. For those of you who have visited my studio in nyc, you know what i'm talking about. I just can't stop myself. I'm having a gathering on saturday and will be spending the better part of this week cleaning and rearranging my girls (and boys) for the big event. Asa was kind enough to assemble my new shelves and i must say, they dazzle. 

Hope to see lots of you there!

kisses to all!!  see you soon,