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October 27th, 2007
I'm back...again....

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Hey everyone,

Today is gonna be a fun day. It's my 3rd annual Blythe Halloween party. I'm expecting about 50 people in my teeny studio, all with dolls dressed in costume. The last few years have been so fantastic. I'm always amazed at what people do to their girls.

It's 5 am and really, this is the only part of the day that I can think straight. My 2 1/2 year old son Carpenter just got a 'big boy' bed and though he falls asleep in it, he usually weasels in with me and Asa about 4 am. That's when I get up for the day. It wreaks havoc on me as the day goes on, but for now I feel pretty chipper. Someone said recently that as you get older you only need 5 hours of sleep a night. Actually, let me tell you who that 'someone' was. Last week my friend Danny and I went to see David Cassidy in concert. He was my childhood hero so understandably, it was a thrill. He's the one who mentioned the sleep thing -- not directly to me but to all the middle aged women in the audience. I trust anything he says, wouldn't you?

Oh, here's a bit of exciting news. I was voted as one of GLAADs top 100 artists and was invited back to participate in their annual auction which was held last week here in NYC. I entered this photo entitled STAUNCH:

The value was placed at $550. There was a bidding war (!!!) and in the end it sold for $1200! So thrilling! Of course I was worried that no one would bid and I'd have to slink out on my stomach. I do lots of charity auctions but this is one of my favorites.

Be on the lookout for my halloween party post. Should be a blast!

xo gina